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'amal-dar-aamad karnaa

act upon, implement, enforce

dar-aamad karnaa

to import

bar-aamad dar-aamad

Export and Import

dar-aamad bar-aamad ke din


that which has come into operation, a proceeding, process



coming in, going in, ingress, entrance

'amal-dar-aamad honaa

be acted (upon), be implemented


dar-aamad honaa

to come or go (into), to enter, to arrive


customs duty, import duty

dar-pesh karnaa

to place or lay before, to introduce, bring forward, adduce

rizq kaa dar band karnaa

dar-andaazii karnaa

dar-giraft karnaa

catch, seize, take, capture aamad va saKHt aamad

it is called when unwillingly when you have to do something or take responsibility

naa'l-dar aatish karnaa

Dar karnaa

dil se dar-guzar karnaa

dar-badar karnaa

dar gor karnaa

to inter one, to entomb, to bury a person


arrival, signs of arrival or announcement, enjoyment to hear someone coming

dar-band karnaa

nuqta-daar karnaa

gil-dar-gal karnaa

bury the dead, throw earth on the grave of the dead

karnaa chaahe 'aashiqii aur maamaa jii ka dar

dar-o-diivaar se baate.n karnaa

aamad vaalaa

rich man

shud aamad se

minnat-daar karnaa

to put (one) under an obligation, to oblige


arrival, coming in, entry, incoming, advent

dumash bardaashtam maada bar aamad

aamad-aamad lagnaa

aamad-aamad phailnaa


coming and going, back and forth

ghar-daar karnaa

aamad baraamad ke din

KHushaamad se aamad hai

KHushaamad se aamad hai

kau.Dii kii aamad na honaa

kau.Dii kii aamad na honaa

biruu.n aamad kaa

gaav aamad KHar raft


coming and going, ingress and egress, communication, intercourse, passage, way, thoroughfare


coming and going

har ki aamad bar aa.n maziid numuud

der karnaa

delay, be behind time


coming and going, arrival and departure, continued movement of people

zangbaar kii aamad honaa

har-ki aamad ba-jahaa.n ahl-e-fanaa KHvaahad-buud


uupar kii aamad

emoluments, perquisites, presents, bribe

aamad kii aanaa

pau kii aamad

'ajab 'ajab ki turaa yaad-e-dostaa.n aamad

aab aamad tayammum barKHaast

no substitutes are needed when the original is available

aamad suKHan suKHan

aamad-o-raft lagaanaa


income and expenditure, receipts and disbursements

ummiid qat' karnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning dar-aamad karnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

dar-aamad karnaa

दर-आमद करनाدَر آمَد کَرنا


English meaning of dar-aamad karnaa

  • to import
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दर-आमद करना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • (व्यापार की सामग्री आदि) विदेश से अतरद्श लाना या मँगवाना
  • (सामग्री या सेवाएँ) विदेशों से विक्रय के लिए किसी देश में लाना, प्रवेश करना, आयात करना, अंदर करना

دَر آمَد کَرنا کے اردو معانی

  • (تجارتی مال وغیرہ) بیرون ملک سے اندرون ملک لانا یا منگوانا
  • (سامان یا خدمات) بیرون ملک سے فروخت کیلئے کسی ملک میں لانا، داخل کرنا، اندر لانا

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dar-aamad karnaa

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