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daqiiqa baaqii rahnaa

daqiiqa baaqii na chho.Dnaa

daqiiqa baaqii na rakhnaa

do one's very best, leave no stone unturned

daqiiqa na rahnaa

daqiiqa uThaa rahnaa

farq baaqii rahnaa

nishaan baaqii rahnaa

jokho.n baaqii rahnaa

baaqii rahnaa

remain unpaid or unadjusted, remain in balance

vabaal gardan par baaqii rahnaa

naam-o-nishaa.n baaqii na rahnaa

nishaan baaqii na rahnaa

hosh baaqii na rahnaa

naam-o-nishaan baaqii na rahnaa

be stamped out, be annihilated

baaqii havaas bhii jaate rahnaa

baat baaqii rahnaa

naam baaqii rahnaa

be immortalized

hasrat baaqii rahnaa

taab baaqii na rahnaa

saakh baaqii na rahnaa

tasma baaqii na rahnaa

kasar baaqii na rahnaa

daqiiqa na chho.Dnaa


a second, a moment, very brief span of time

daqiiqa faro-guzaasht na karnaa

leave no stone unturned

daqiiqa faro-guzaasht na honaa

ko.ii daqiiqa faroguzaasht na karnaa

daqiiqa bachnaa

ko.ii daqiiqa na uThaa rakhnaa

ko.ii daqiiqa uThaa na rakhnaa

leave no stone unturned

daqiiqa uThaa rakhnaa

to leave no stone unturned, to try everything

yaar baaqii sohbat baaqii

baaqii pa.Dnaa

fall in arrears


clearing off (an account), full payment, finishing touch or stroke

daqiiqa uThaa na rakhnaa

do one's very best, leave no stone unturned

baat ba.Dii rahnaa


balance in favour, surplus


existing, remaining, still due, lasting, perpetual

taaqii na chho.De baaqii

nishaan baaqii na chho.Dnaa

baiThnaa be.Da na rahnaa

jam' vusuul baaqii

(Trade) a paper that shows the income status, how much the total income was and how much was received and how much was left in it


nukta baaqii na chho.Dnaa

tinkaa baaqii na chho.Dnaa

allaah bas, baaqii havas

only the God will remain, everything else will pass away, an advice to shun worldliness




collections and balances, account of payments, schedule of collections and balances


arrear, uncollected balance, realization or recovery of arrears or balances

faazil baaqii nikaalnaa

strike the balance (of)

baaqii be-baaq karnaa

baaqii Gair mumkin-ul-vusuul

irrecoverable balance

yaar zinda sohbat baaqii

if alive we will meet again

baaqii maalguzaarii kii 'illat me.n

in default of revenue

jam' vaasil-baaqii

payments and arrears, demands, collections, and balances, revenue receipts and balances, an account stating payments periodically due

yaad baaqii rah jaanaa

to remain only in memory, to become bygone

zaraa dam baaqii hai

nishaan baaqii rah jaanaa

'uzr baaqii na rakhnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning daqiiqa baaqii rahnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

daqiiqa baaqii rahnaa

दक़ीक़ा बाक़ी रहनाدَقِیقَہ باقی رَہْنا


दक़ीक़ा बाक़ी रहना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • काम का बिलकुल ख़ातमे के क़रीब पहुंच जाना, तकमील-ए-कार की हर एतबार से कोशिश हो जाना
  • थोड़ा वक़्त या अर्सा रह जाना, वक़्त कम होना

دَقِیقَہ باقی رَہْنا کے اردو معانی

  • تھوڑا وقت یا عرصہ رہ جانا، وقت کم ہونا
  • کام کا بالکل خاتمے کے قریب پہنچ جانا، تکمیلِ کار کی ہر اعتبار سے کوشش ہو جانا

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daqiiqa baaqii rahnaa

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