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Da.nk to.Dnaa

Da.nk ga.Donaa

Da.nk jhaa.Dnaa

Daa.nk ja.Dnaa

Da.nk par se u.D jaanaa

Da.nk maarnaa

to sting

Da.nk chubhonaa

to prick a thorn, as done by a bee

Da.nk lagaanaa

Da.nk laanaa

Da.nk lagnaa

to be stung by an insect

Da.nk chalaanaa

Da.nk khaanaa

pahaa.D kii Daa.nk

Da.nk gir jaanaa




the post or mail

Daa.nk baiThaal denaa


Daa.nk baiThnaa



Dank-uujaa.D to.Dnaa

kivaa.D to.Dnaa

to pry the door open, to break the door open

ba.Diyaa.n to.Dnaa

daa.Dii to.Dnaa

dha.D to.Dnaa

vaz' to.Dnaa

darvaaza to.Dnaa

chha.Dii to.Dnaa

give severe punishment

chuu.Daa to.Dnaa

nakto.De to.Dnaa

to sneer (at), to cast (an obligation) in the teeth (of)

ga.Dhii to.Dnaa

jab.Daa to.Dnaa

to.Dnaa ma.Do.Dnaa

to considerably alter something, to adulterate, mix

ro.Dii to.Dnaa

to.Dnaa jo.Dnaa

plus-minus, constant changes, additions and subtractions

Tuk.Daa to.Dnaa

depend upon, live on

aa.D to.Dnaa

uncover, remove purdah

Tuk.De to.Dnaa

live on free food

go.De to.Dnaa

pe.Daa to.Dnaa

making small balls out of floor

chuu.Dii to.Dnaa

ga.Dh to.Dnaa

phaa.D to.Dnaa

pahaa.D to.Dnaa

qaa'ida to.Dnaa

vaa'da to.Dnaa

vuzuu to.Dnaa

do something necessitating renewal of ablutions

qadam to.Dnaa

diivaar to.Dnaa

Gazab to.Dnaa

be cruel, do or say something outrageous

zevar to.Dnaa

qaziyya to.Dnaa

'ahd to.Dnaa

to break an engagement, or promise, break one's promise or pact

paa.nv to.Dnaa

to wear out one's legs in vain, to be marched or trotted about in vain, to be tired, to desist from visiting (a person), to run vainly after (a person), to visit (one) very often

paa.nv to.Dnaa

be disappointed, become hopeless

'ilaaqa to.Dnaa

shaadii to.Dnaa

break up before or after marriage, engagement break up

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Da.nk to.Dnaa

डंक तोड़नाڈَن٘ک توڑْنا


डंक तोड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • आजिज़ी का एतराफ़ करना , शिकस्त मानना , ेज़ा रसानी से बाज़ आजाना, तकलीफ़ देना, छोड़ देना

ڈَن٘ک توڑْنا کے اردو معانی

  • عاجزی کا اعتراف کرنا ؛ شکست ماننا ؛ اِیزا رسانی سے باز آجانا، تکلیف دینا ، چھوڑدینا .

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Da.nk to.Dnaa

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