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dahan-e-zaKHm kaa ha.nsnaa

zaKHm kaa ha.nsnaa

dahan-e-zaKHm siinaa


mouth of a boil/wound, the place of wound or cut, any cut on the body

zabaan kaa zaKHm

dil kaa zaKHm

zaKHm kaa a.nguur baa.ndhnaa

zaKHm kaa a.nguur

granulation of wound

charaaG kaa ha.nsnaa

a lamp to drop sparks

tave kaa ha.nsnaa

falling of sparks from the hot plate when the soot on it burns (regarded as a good omen)

zaKHm kaa havaa denaa

zamiin kaa ha.nsnaa


mouth of the wound, the opening of a scar

KHasam dil kaa zaKHm

zaKHm kaa a.nguur phaTnaa

zaKHm kaa ronaa

of a wound to ooze

takle kaa zaKHm

zaKHm kaa chor

zaKHm kaa muskaraanaa

qaah qaah ha.nsnaa

aag kaa ha.nsnaa

gul kaa ha.nsnaa

maut kaa ha.nsnaa

zaKHm kaa paanii churaanaa

yaad kaa zaKHm haraa honaa

zaKHm kaa a.nguur haraa honaa

phuul kaa ha.nsnaa


chaak kaa ha.nsnaa

zaKHm par namak kaa kaam denaa

talvaar kaa zaKHm bhar jaataa hai , baat kaa nahii.n bhartaa

zaKHm kii baddhii

zaKHm par namak kaa kaam karnaa

zaKHm kii lazzat uThaanaa

zaKHm par marham kaa kaam karnaa

to console, to try to heal a wound

zaKHm chhe.Dnaa

reopen a wound

zaKHm ke Taa.nke

stiches on a wound

ha.ns-ha.ns ke zaKHm khaanaa

dahan biga.Dnaa

zaKHm biga.Dnaa

condition of wound to deteriorate, the condition of a wound getting bad rather than curing

zaKHm ja.Dnaa

zaKHm pa.Dnaa

sore to develop

zaKHm par taaza zaKHm lagnaa


green vitriol

mu.nh pher ke ha.nsnaa


vestibule of the mouth


be merry, bloom, blossom

zaKHm baa.ndhnaa

zaKHm baa.ndnaa

zaKHm ba.ndhnaa



haal pa.D ha.nsnaa

peT paka.D ha.nsnaa


sweet mouthed, pretty lips, beautiful, lovely, beloved

murGii ke liye takle kaa zaKHm bhii bahut hotaa hai

zaKHm ko Taa.nke lagaanaa

stitching a wound

zaKHm ke Taa.nke kaaTnaa


cause of wound



charaaG ha.nsnaa

burning flowers and oil dripping from oil or ghee lamp


delight, relish of eating, good taste

Meaning ofSee meaning dahan-e-zaKHm kaa ha.nsnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

dahan-e-zaKHm kaa ha.nsnaa

दहन-ए-ज़ख़्म का हँसनाدَہَنِ زَخْم کا ہَنْسْنا


दहन-ए-ज़ख़्म का हँसना के हिंदी अर्थ

फ़ारसी, हिंदी - यौगिक क्रिया

  • घाव के सूराख़ का बढ़ जाना, ज़ख़्म का मुंह खुल जाना

دَہَنِ زَخْم کا ہَنْسْنا کے اردو معانی

فارسی, ہندی - فعل مرکب

  • شِگاف کا بڑھ جانا، زخم کا من٘ھ کُھل جانا

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dahan-e-zaKHm kaa ha.nsnaa

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