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dabii choT ubharnaa

ha.Dak ubharnaa

hu.Dak ubharnaa

nuquush ubharnaa

daaG ubharnaa

naqsh ubharnaa

to come to appearance, become clear


flourish, rise, grow emerge,

machhliyaa.n ubharnaa

chhaatiyaa.n ubharnaa

diibe kaa uubharnaa

mahshar ubharnaa

dil ubharnaa

badan ubharnaa


softly, collapse

manzar ubharnaa

nabz ubharnaa

to feel the pulse again

qaamat ubharnaa

nashsha ubharnaa ubharnaa

tabii'at ubharnaa

machhlii ubharnaa

have well-developed biceps

mohabbat ubharnaa

choT pa.Dnaa

get hurt, injured or damaged

dabii-dabii aavaaz




a deep wound, deep injury

choT baa.ndhnaa

bind up the edge of a sword, defend, to restrain by magic

choT denaa

inflict loss

gaat ubharnaa

le ubharnaa

niil ubharnaa

phapolaa ubharnaa

joban ubharnaa

papoTaa ubharnaa

the eyelid to swell

choT par choT

one misfortune after another

paraa.ii choT

choT dukhnaa


pa.Dnaa kii choT


pa.Dnaa kii choT pa.Dnaa


covert sarcasm



mindless, mad, idiot, fool, stupid

dil par choT pa.Dnaa

naqqaare kii choT

choT aaThaanaa

choT khaanaa

be hurt

choT lenaa

choT khaayaa

injured, bad

choT aanaa

be hurt, be wounded

choT sahnaa

endure an injury, blows or loss

choT KHaalii denaa



damage, loss

choT paidaa karnaa

dil kii choT

bajaanaa par choT pa.Dnaa

choT khelnaa

Meaning of dabii choT ubharnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

dabii choT ubharnaa

दबी चोट उभरनाدَبی چوٹ اُبَھرْنا

Critique us (dabii choT ubharnaa)




Origin: Hindi


दबी चोट उभरना के हिंदी अर्थ

यौगिक क्रिया

  • पुरानी दुश्मनी या पुराने झगड़ों का ताज़ा होना, पुराने इश्क़ का लौट कर फिर आना

دَبی چوٹ اُبَھرْنا کے اردو معانی

فعل مرکب

  • پُرانی دُشمنی یا پُرانے جھگڑوں کا تازہ ہونا، پُرانے عِشق کا عود کرآنا

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