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Daa.Dhii dhuup me.n safed karnaa

daa.Dhii dhuup me.n safed karnaa

dhuup me.n daa.Dhii safed karnaa

dhuup me.n cho.nDaa safed karnaa

cho.nDaa dhuup me.n safed karnaa

(woman) be grey-headed without experience or wisdom, pass (one's) life in vain

dhuup me.n baal safed karnaa

baal dhuup me.n safed karnaa

be ignorant in spite of age

sar dhuup me.n safed karnaa

dhuup me.n daa.Dhii saped karnaa

safed Daa.Dhii me.n siyaahii lagvaanaa

cho.nDaa dhuup me.n safed honaa

baal dhuup me.n safed honaa

dhuup me.n baal safed honaa

become gray-headed without gaining experience or wisdom, pass one's life in ignorance

kyaa dhuup me.n baal safed kiye hai.n

Daa.Dhii safed honaa

dhuup me.n baal saped karnaa

Daa.Dhii kii aa.D me.n shikaar karnaa

kap.Daa safed karnaa

dhuup me.n baadal ga.Dga.Daanaa

dau.D-dhuup karnaa

To run to and fro, to use much effort, to toil hard.

dhuup me.n chunvaa duu.ngaa

dau.D-dhuup me.n honaa

dhuup me.n biThlaanaa

dhuup me.n jalnaa

dhuup me.n baiThnaa

dhuup me.n rakhnaa

dhuup me.n suukhnaa

dhuup me.n kumhlaanaa

cho.nDaa safed karnaa

motiyo.n me.n safed

dhuup me.n sulfaa honaa

cho.nDaa dhuup me.n pakaanaa

cho.nDaa dhuup me.n paknaa

baal dhuup me.n paknaa

baal dhuup me.n pakaanaa

aa.nkhe.n safed karnaa

Daa.Dhii saaf karnaa

apnaa maare chhaa.nv me.n biThaa.e Gair maare dhuup me.n biThaa.e

safed-o-siyaah karnaa

takiya dhuup me.n rakhnaa

an old cure for the pain in neck that happens due to sleeping on one side only, a pillow is kept in sunlight and the ailing is advised to rest his neck on it in order to recover

bhaado.n kii dhuup me.n hiran kaale

apnaa maare chhaa.nv me.n Daale Gair maare dhuup me.n Daale

Daa.Dhii peT me.n honaa

peT me.n Daa.Dhii honaa

be precocious, show certain signs of cleverness at an early age (said of a clever boy)

naama-e-aa'maal safed karnaa

KHuun safed karnaa

sar safed karnaa

safed chehra karnaa

lahuu safed karnaa

siyaah-safed karnaa

harii kii maayaa chhin me.n dhuup chhin me.n chhaayaa

daa.Dhii peT me.n honaa

be precocious

mullaa kii Daa.Dhii tabarruk me.n ga.ii

dhuup me.n kunDaa honaa

Daa.Dhii khasoTte hii baGal me.n baiThnaa

hiran dhuup me.n kaale hu.e jaate hai.n

daa.Dhii kii aa.D me.n shikaar khelnaa

chor kii daa.Dhii me.n tinkaa

a guilty pricks the mind, a guilty conscience needs no accuser

qaazii kii daa.Dhii tabaruk me.n ga.ii

mullaa kii daa.Dhii tabarruk me.n ga.ii

Meaning ofSee meaning daa.Dhii dhuup me.n safed karnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

daa.Dhii dhuup me.n safed karnaa

दाढ़ी धूप में सफ़ेद करनाداڑھی دُھوپ میں سَفید کَرْنا

Origin: Hindi


दाढ़ी धूप में सफ़ेद करना के हिंदी अर्थ

यौगिक क्रिया

  • बाल धूप में सफ़ैद करना, बूढ़े होने के बावजूद अनुभवहीन रहना

داڑھی دُھوپ میں سَفید کَرْنا کے اردو معانی

فعل مرکب

  • بال دُھوپ میں سفید کرنا، چون٘ڈا دُھوپ میں سفید کرنا، عُمر رسیدہ ہونے کے باوجود ناتجربہ کار رہنا

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daa.Dhii dhuup me.n safed karnaa

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