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chuu.n na karnaa

not to grumble or complain, show no reaction

chuu.n tak na karnaa

byaahii na baraat cha.Dhii Dolii me.n baiThii na chuu.n chuu.n hu.ii

chuu.n karnaa

charraKH chuu.n karnaa

to become weak and helpless

chuu.n charaa karnaa

drag one's feet by offering excuses, hesitate

huu.n se chuu.n karnaa

addhii kii chuu.n chuu.n


chirping, warbling, squeaking, creaking


chuu.n chuu.n kaa murabba


vafaa na karnaa

to not fulfil (promise) to do infidelity

na-na karnaa

mu.nh na karnaa

nigaah na karnaa

peshaab na karnaa

dhyaan na karnaa

nahii.n na karnaa

dhelii kii chuu.n-chuu.n

yaqiin na karnaa

huu.n na karnaa

huu.n haa.n na karnaa

siidhe mu.nh baat na karnaa

be too proud to speak politely, be curt

na karnaa

karnaa na kartuut la.Dne ko mazbuut

mohabbat na karnaa

jumbish na karnaa

to stuck in a place, to be frozen


a complaint done in undertone

tuf na karnaa

pay no attention to, ignore, to disregard, to neglect

uf na karnaa

endure in silence, make no sign of pain, distress or resentment

jahaa.n suu.ii na jaa.e vahaa.n laTThaa karnaa

kaval giraas na karnaa

mu.nh saamne na karnaa

mu.nh se uf na karnaa

peshaab bhii na karnaa

not give a damn, have no regard for, despise


zubaan se uf na karnaa

to hold one's pain and suffering, to endure

taal suukh Tipar bhayo hansaa kahiin na jaa.e mare puraanii piit ko chun-chun kankar khaa.e

the mother-land is very dear even if a man does not get basic needs like food, substance, he does not want to leave it

na maare chain na maraa.e chain

mu.nh se aah na karnaa

naa karnaa

siidhii aa.nkho.n baat na karnaa


aar karnaa na paar karnaa

kamii na karnaa

do as much as one can, leave no stone unturned

mu.nh se aah na karnaa

aa.nkh chaar na karnaa

mu.nh bhii saamne na karnaa

ruKH na karnaa

jo aaj karnaa ho vo kal par na chho.Do

laakh do laakh kii parvaa na karnaa

kaTii u.nglii par peshaab na karnaa



objection, why and wherefore, how and why,wrangling, altercation, dispute

chhaa.o.n na denaa

kaur giraas na karnaa

bhuul ke na karnaa

not to do a thing even by mistake


baat tak na karnaa

ruKH de kar baat na karnaa

talk inattentively

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chuu.n na karnaa

चूँ न करनाچُوں نَہ کَرنا

English meaning of chuu.n na karnaa


  • not to grumble or complain, show no reaction
  • not to make the slightest noise
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chuu.n na karnaa

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