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chi.Diyaa kaa duudh

bird's milk,(figuratively) an impossibility, the state or fact of being impossible

chi.Diyaa aur duudh

chi.Diyaa kaa

chi.Diyaa kaa Gulaam

duudh kaa daa.nt

milk tooth

bargad kaa duudh

chi.Diyaa kaa puut

duudh kaa josh

maternal love

duudh kaa duudh aur paanii kaa paanii karnaa

sift the true from the false, dispense justice, exercise absolute and faultless justice

chi.Diyaa kaa phandaa chhu.Daanaa

duudh kaa haq

maternal rights

maa.n kaa duudh

lawful, permissible

chi.Diyaa kaa panja

uupar kaa duudh

aaTe kaa duudh

naariyal kaa duudh

duudh kaa ubaal

temporary zeal or anger, emotion that subsides soon

chhaTii kaa duudh yaad dilaanaa

beat or punish severely

chhaTii kaa duudh nikalnaa

chhaTii kaa duudh ugalnaa

bhai.ns kaa duudh nalii kaa guud

chhaTii kaa duudh yaad aanaa

chhaTii kaa duudh yaad karnaa

ho.nTo.n kaa duudh nahii.n suukhaa

than tale kaa duudh

bilonii kaa duudh paanii kaa paanii



zabaan par chhaTii kaa duudh aanaa

sadqe kii chi.Diyaa

bilonii kaa duudh paanii kaa paanii karnaa

abhii chhaTii kaa duudh nahii.n suukhaa

he is still a naïve, a noob

kis chi.Diyaa kaa naam hai

know/knows nothing of this

chi.Diyaa kii jaan g.ii la.Dke kaa khilaunaa

KHudaa chi.Diyaa kaa gho.nslaa bhii na ujaa.De

chi.Diyaa u.Dnaa

chi.Diyaa la.Daanaa

chi.Diyaa kaa bachcha bhii na honaa

sone kii chi.Diyaa

a golden bird, a rich person, highly valued prize

chi.Diyaa ke kabaab

chi.Diyaa vaalaa

duudh ba.Dhaanaa

duudh ba.Dhnaa


tiis dhaar duudh kii



chi.Diyaa biThaanaa

sign or initial (a document)

puure duudh kii

duudh baKHshvaanaa

duudh chhu.daanaa

wean (a child)

gaa.Dhaa-gaa.Dhaa duudh

u.Dtii chi.Diyaa pahchaan.naa

to know a crook at sight, to be so intelligent or clever

u.Dtii chi.Diyaa paka.Dnaa

u.Dtii chi.Diyaa ke par gin.naa

u.Dtii chi.Diyaa parakhnaa

u.Dtii chi.Diyaa phaan.snaa

u.Dtii chi.Diyaa ke par kaaTnaa

duudh baKHshnaa

miyaa.n-biivii kii la.Daa.ii duudh kii malaa.ii

duudh kii nahre.n bahnaa

be very wealthy, be prosperous


offering of milk to the bridegroom by the sisters of bride as wedding ritual

Meaning of chi.Diyaa kaa duudh in English, Hindi & Urdu

chi.Diyaa kaa duudh

चिड़िया का दूधچِڑیا کا دودھ

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Origin: Hindi

Root word: chi.Diyaa

Tags: Figurative

English meaning of chi.Diyaa kaa duudh

Noun, Masculine

  • bird's milk,(figuratively) an impossibility, the state or fact of being impossible
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चिड़िया का दूध के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • पक्षी का दूध, ( लाक्षणिक) नामुमकिन बात, एक असंभवता की बात

چِڑیا کا دودھ کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • پرندہ کا دودھ (کنایۃً) ناممکن بات، عنقا چیز

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