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balaa sar pa.Dnaa

balaa pa.Dnaa

balaa gale pa.Dnaa

get entangled in trouble

balaa sar lenaa

sar balaa lenaa

ahmad kii balaa mahmuud ke sar

sar pa.Dnaa

paraa.e sar kii balaa lenaa

take another's responsibility, invite other's troubles

bandar kii balaa tavele ke sar

remark made when someone is blamed for another's mistake or someone's responsibility is foisted on another

taviile kii balaa bandar ke sar

sar se balaa Talnaa

sar par balaa laanaa

sar par balaa lenaa

sar par balaa aanaa

balaa sar se Talnaa

balaa sar se Taalnaa

sar kii balaa Taalnaa

balaa sar par aanaa

sar se balaa Taalnaa

sar par balaa naazil honaa

sar pa.Dnaa

saare zamaane kii balaa sar lenaa

sar rishta pa.Dnaa

sar par pa.Dnaa


sar ho pa.Dnaa

sar me.n tel pa.Dnaa

sar par jaa pa.Dnaa

sar par bojh pa.Dnaa

sar par aan pa.Dnaa

se.nd pa.Dnaa

musiibat sar par aan pa.Dnaa

aasmaan sar par phaT pa.Dnaa

sar aa pa.Dnaa

ser ko savaa ser se paalaa pa.Dnaa

jaaduu vo jo sar cha.Dh ke bole

khal-balii pa.Dnaa

jinn vahii jo sar par cha.Dh kar bole

the thing that is said to be in front


desert of calamity


balaa luu.n


may God protect you!


the kind of trouble that makes it hard to get rid of

shor pa.Dnaa


repulsion of evil influences for the sake of secure and peaceful life

merii balaa bulaa.e


the passage or halting-place of calamity

aa balaa gale pa.D

to invite a trouble, to invite a quarrel

daanaa.o.n kii duur balaa

qadmo.n se lagii balaa


vortex of calamity, a tough time


net of troubles

'aql-mand kii duur balaa

balaa rad karnaa

'ishq burii balaa hai


(literally) a whirlpool of trouble, (figuratively) death, destruction, great trouble, great distress


incantation, deed to cancel off calamity

balaa aanaa

balaa lenaa

balaa lagaanaa

balaa utarnaa

Meaning of balaa sar pa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

balaa sar pa.Dnaa

बला सर पड़नाبَلا سَر پَڑنا

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बला सर पड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • झगड़ा या ज़िम्मेदारी किसी के ज़िम्मे आइद होना

بَلا سَر پَڑنا کے اردو معانی


  • جھگڑا یا ذمہ داری کسی کے زمے عائد ہونا

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