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balaa kaTnaa

balaa kaaTnaa

gaa.Dii kaTnaa

take the burden of family or any task upon one's shoulders

to.De kaTnaa

jhag.Daa kaTnaa

naa.D kaTnaa

bakhe.Daa kaTnaa

be.Dii kaTnaa

ga.nd kaTnaa

decreasing sins

pahaa.D kaTnaa


qalame.n kaTnaa

zindagii kaTnaa

vaqt kaTnaa

for time to be passed in some way or the other

qadr kaTnaa


(of a name) be struck off, (of bank of a river, etc.) be eroded, be washed away, (of a canal) be dug, (of colour) fade, (of time, etc.) pass, be abashed, be put to shame, be cut, be cut off, be snapped, be clipped, avoid, be snapped, be clipped, be deducted, be killed, be murdered, have one's kite cut (in a kite-flying contest)


be spun

balaa pa.Dnaa

'azaab kaTnaa

tanKHvaah kaTnaa

raa.nd kaTnaa

chaa.ndii kaTnaa

kankavvaa kaTnaa

mii'aad kaTnaa

kaTaa.ii kaTnaa

din kaTnaa

bhaav kaTnaa

lashkar kaTnaa

dil kaTnaa

dam kaTnaa

gardan kaTnaa

be beheaded, be ruined

shab kaTnaa

mushkil kaTnaa

kashT kaTnaa

kuuche.n kaTnaa

zar kaTnaa

zabaan kaTnaa

manzil kaTnaa

journey to be completed

tablaq kaTnaa

ziist kaTnaa

for life to pass

phand kaTnaa

to be free, get rid of a debt

shatranj kaTnaa

play the game of chess

roz-o-shab kaTnaa

balaa gale pa.Dnaa

get entangled in trouble

raah kaTnaa

girah kaTnaa

chuut.Do.n par pyaaz kaTnaa

maze me.n kaTnaa

gaa.nTh kaTnaa kaTnaa

become colored after boiling tea etc.

ha.nste-bolte kaTnaa

balaa sar pa.Dnaa

kuu.nche.n kaTnaa


desert of calamity

maze me.n vaqt kaTnaa

warrant kaTnaa

someone's arrest warrant to have been issued

piichhaa kaTnaa

connection kaTnaa

rassii kaTnaa

kannii kaTnaa

guDDii kaTnaa

Meaning of balaa kaTnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

balaa kaTnaa

बला कटनाبَلا کَٹْنا

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बला कटना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • बला काटना (रुक) का लाज़िम

بَلا کَٹْنا کے اردو معانی


  • بلا کاٹنا (رک) کا لازم

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