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baGle.n jhaa.nknaa

be ashamed

lage baGle.n jhaa.nkne

baGle.n suu.nghnaa



baGle.n bajaa.o

baGle.n bharnaa

baGle.n phaTnaa

baGle.n lenaa

baGle.n khulnaa

baGle.n jhakaanaa

baGle.n banaanaa

baGle.n bajaanaa

exult, mock, to be very happy, making a sound from the armpits by moving the arms (usually on the occasion of happiness or making fun of another)

darvaaze jhaa.nknaa

dahliiz jhaa.nknaa

pay one a flying visit



ku.nvaa.n jhaa.nknaa

be confused, be worried, suffer great hardship

ku.nve.n jhaa.nknaa

mu.nh jhaa.nknaa

KHushii se baGle.n bajaanaa

zamiin jhaa.nknaa

kuvaa jhaa.nknaa jhaa.nknaa

galiyaa.n jhaa.nknaa

ghar-ghar jhaa.nknaa

aa jhaa.nknaa

dahliiz na jhaa.nknaa

aasmaan jhaa.nknaa

aan jhaa.nknaa

konaa jhaa.nknaa

ghar jhaa.nknaa

ko.nh kona jhaa.nknaa

sab dar jhaa.nknaa


peeping and peeking, especially amorously, hide and seek


apas ke girebaa.n me.n jhaa.nknaa

gor kaa mu.nh jhaa.nknaa

being at the hour of death

chaukhaT na jhaa.nknaa

never to go (somebody's home)

sau ghar jhaa.nknaa

searching a lot, going from house to house in search of something


see secretly, voyeurism, peeping-tomming, to see a while from half opened door, window etc.

bhaa.D jho.nknaa

feed the fire in a kiln, etc.


bhaa.D me.n jho.nknaa


a woman from Bengal, a Bengali woman

dozaKH me.n jho.nknaa




bhaTTii me.n jho.nknaa

destroy, ruin

diido.n me.n KHaak jho.nknaa

mirche.n jho.nknaa

bhaa.D ke bhiitar jho.nknaa

aa.nkho.n me.n dhuul jho.nknaa


tannuur jho.nknaa

doing a pointless work

bhaTTii jho.nknaa

qazaa ke mu.nh me.n jho.nknaa

chuulhe me.n jho.nknaa

cast into fire, burn

aag me.n jho.nknaa

cast into fire


dhuul jho.nknaa

raqam jho.nknaa

Meaning of baGle.n jhaa.nknaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

baGle.n jhaa.nknaa

बग़लें झाँकनाبَغْلیں جھانکْنا

Critique (baGle.n jhaa.nknaa)





English meaning of baGle.n jhaa.nknaa


  • be ashamed
  • be discomfited or disconcerted
  • look blank or foolish
  • try to flee away, desire to escape

बग़लें झाँकना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • शर्मिंदा होना नादिम होना मह्जूब होना
  • भागने का मौक़ा तलाश करना
  • हैरान होना, मुँह तिकना
  • सिटपिटा जाना जवाब बिन ना पड़ना, लाजवाब होजाना

بَغْلیں جھانکْنا کے اردو معانی


  • سٹ پٹا جانا، جواب بن نہ پڑنا، لاجواب ہوجانا
  • شرمندہ ہونا، نادم ہونا، محجوب ہونا
  • بھاگنے کا موقع تلاش کرنا
  • حیران ہونا، منھ تکنا

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