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'alam ba.Dhaanaa

'alam me.n chillaa baa.ndhnaa


increase, enlarge, grow, expand

'alam cha.Dhnaa

'aalam 'aalam

everywhere, in the whole world,very, much ba.Dhaanaa

to exalt a flying kite

charaaG ba.Dhaanaa

poshaak ba.Dhaanaa

take off clothes


the world, universe

mii'aad ba.Dhaanaa

extend the period, prolong the duration


flag, banner, standard

qadam ba.Dhaanaa

step forward, walk fast, to walk

'alam gaa.Dnaa

make name, become famous

'alam cha.Dhaanaa


to be standard bearer, to be a staunch supporter of a movement or ideology, raising the flag


standard bearer, supporter or protagonist (of a cause, etc), vanguard, title of Hazrat Abbas, brother of Imam Hussain


city of knowledge, title of Prophet Muhammad

dam ba.Dhaanaa

practise holding the breath, make (oneself) long-winded

'alam-daar kaa 'alam TuuTe

the cursing word of Shi'a women

'alam karnaa

draw sword

gho.Daa ba.Dhaanaa

urge horse

jo.Daa ba.Dhaanaa

take off a suit of clothes, disrobe

rutba ba.Dhaanaa

confer honour or dignity, exalt


world after world

'alam khii.nchnaa

'alam buland karnaa

dastarKHvaan ba.Dhaanaa

clear the table, bring a meal to an end, remove the tablecloth


flag-bearer, standard- bearer

'alam TuuTe

the cursing word of Shi'a women

peT ba.Dhaanaa

eat voraciously

mashq ba.Dhaanaa

developing expertise in a task


Omniscient (as an attribute of God), all-knowing

la.Daa.ii ba.Dhaanaa

increase the intensity of a quarrel, foment or aggravate a quarrel


people of (drum) music and knowledge

'aalam navard

world-traversing, a great traveler, a globe-trotter

dil ba.Dhaanaa

give (one) heart, encourage

raabita ba.Dhaanaa

promote ties

haath ba.Dhaanaa



carrying a flag

'alam nikaalnaa

related to flag procession of 9th and 10th of Muharram

shaah 'abbaas kaa 'alam TuuTe

'alam honaa

be raised, be notorious or famous

'alam uThnaa

'alam uThaanaa

carried a banner in the memory of martyrs of Karbala in processions

'alam khulnaa

laam baa.ndhnaa

arrange troops in a proper formation, form into line, array, marshal, mobilize

laam ba.ndhnaa

'alam nikalnaa

zevar ba.Dhaanaa

take off one's jewellery, (Often eastern women take off their jewelery to express sorrow and grief on the death of their husband)

'aalam-'aalam honaa

rasm-o-raah ba.Dhaanaa

mohabbat ba.Dhaanaa

dum 'alam karnaa

nasl ba.Dhaanaa

to promoting plants, animals or the human race

'alam buland honaa

dukaan ba.Dhaanaa

talvaar 'alam karnaa

sog ba.Dhaanaa

to end the rites commemorating a mourning

mol ba.Dhaanaa

bolii ba.Dhaanaa

raise the bid at an auction

Meaning of 'alam ba.Dhaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

'alam ba.Dhaanaa

'अलम बढ़ानाعَلَم بَڑھانا

Critique ('alam ba.Dhaanaa)





'अलम बढ़ाना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • झंडे का पताका उतार लेना और उसे तह करके रख देना (मुहर्रम या शोक-सभा ख़त्म होने पर)

عَلَم بَڑھانا کے اردو معانی

  • عَلَم کا پھریرا اُتار لینا اور اسے تہ کر کے رکھ دینا (محرم یا عزاداری ختم ہونے پر)

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