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'adaalat ba.Dhaanaa

nishaan daulat ba.Dhaanaa

daulat ba.Dhnaa


equity, justice, being just, law, right

'adaalat cha.Dhnaa

to claim

ibtidaa.ii 'adaalat

subordinate Court or its officer in front of which the trial of the suit begins

faujdaarii 'adaalat

criminal court

movaaKHaza 'adaalat

the court summon

maqaamii 'adaalat

the court which is belongs to a particular city or town


just, equitable, discreet, a person of propriety or taste

vifaaqii shar'ii 'adaalat

Federal Shariat Court of Islamic Law

sadr diivaanii 'adaalat

an office of archives for public or ecclesiastic records; a court of public records, a court with jurisdiction in equity, it was the Supreme Court of Revenue in British India established at Calcutta by Warren Hastings in 1772

sadr faujdaarii 'adaalat

it was the courts of criminal justice in Mughal and British India, the Faujdari criminal courts are considered the beginning of Hindu and Muslim "personal law"


the court in which judgement are states according to religion or law




a just and equitable person, asylum of justice




(Law) the papers that are useful in court



'adaalat kaa darvaaza khaTkhaTaanaa

go to court for justice

'adaalat karnaa

sit in a court, set up a court, to collect a crowd

'adaalat lagaanaa

to collect a crowd, to make a noise, hold court

chapraasii 'adaalat

bailiff, process server, a person, especially a sheriff or deputy, who serves writs, warrants, subpoenas, etc

'adaalat basnaa

to file a case, to admonish someone to sue them


the court of chancery, king's court


constitution and court


tijaaratii 'adaalat

the court who states the judgment on commercial disputes

'adaalat honaa

to be prosecuted, take the dispute to court


name of a particular judicial post

'adaalat me.n maaKHuuz karna

to bring to justice


a court dealing with noncriminal cases, a court of civil jurisdiction, civil court

'adaalat ke kutte

the court staff who entice complainants to take bribes




judicial assembly, the court


judiciary law


scale, justice of court


contempt of court, disobedience of any judgement or a decree of a court or a willful breach of any undertaking given to a court


court procedure


court manager's office or department


the procedure of getting justice, the court management

la.Daa.ii ba.Dhaanaa

put a stop to fighting


do justice, adjudicate


courthouse, court or hall of justice

chuu.Diyaa.n ba.Dhaanaa


the court, assize

chha.De ba.Dhaanaa

'adaalat kaa dar khulnaa

court session starts for case hearing

be.Dii ba.Dhaanaa

Daa.Dhii ba.Dhaanaa

kap.De ba.Dhaanaa

gho.Daa ba.Dhaanaa

urge horse

jo.Daa ba.Dhaanaa

to take off a suit of clothes, disrobe

raa.D ba.Dhaanaa

to increase strife or a feud, to foment a quarrel

jhag.Daa ba.Dhaanaa


jurist, judge

jhonp.Daa ba.Dhaanaa


a court of small causes

zulfe.n ba.Dhaanaa

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'adaalat ba.Dhaanaa

'अदालत बढ़ानाعَدالَت بَڑھانا


'अदालत बढ़ाना के हिंदी अर्थ

अरबी, हिंदी - यौगिक क्रिया

  • न्याय का दौर-दौरा होना, न्याय और इंसाफ का चलन और चर्चा होना

عَدالَت بَڑھانا کے اردو معانی

عربی، ہندی - فعل مرکب

  • انصاف کا دور دورہ ہونا، انصاف کا چرچا ہونا

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'adaalat ba.Dhaanaa

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