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aasmaan se taare to.D laanaa

aasmaan ke taare to.D laanaa

do the impossible

charKH se to.D kar laanaa

mazmuun ke taare aasmaan se utaarnaa

to.D laanaa

to separate

falak se taare utaar kar laanaa

sitaare to.D laanaa

do an impossible task, achieve great success

Tii.Dii se aasmaan nahii.n thamnaa

baat kaa to.D laanaa

aasmaan se guzarnaa

aasmaan se baate.n karnaa

a building, mountain, etc. to be very high

aasmaan se zamiin par


saas se to.D, bahuu se naataa

aasmaan se utarnaa

be exotic, strange or rare

aasmaan se girnaa

come as a windfall

kyaa aasmaa.n ke taare hai.n

aasmaan se Takkar khaanaa

be very high

aasmaan kii KHabar laanaa

zamiin se aasmaan nahii.n miltaa

fiqre se laanaa

to.D lenaa

pluck, gather

choTii aasmaan se lagnaa

aasmaan se aag barasnaa

weather to be very hot

aasmaan se giraa khajuur me.n aTkaa

out of the frying pan into the fire

aasmaan se giraa babuul me.n aTkaa

dil to.D lenaa

aasmaan se paataal tak jaanaa

TaTiirii se aasmaan nahii.n thamtaa

said of a person who undertakes an enterprise beyond their capacity

Tuk.Daa saa to.D kar javaab denaa

refuse point-blank

tan to.D lenaa

naata to.D lenaa

nahr to.D lenaa

to.D-pho.D lenaa

aasmaan kii chiil chaukhaT kii kiil se KHudaa bachaa.e

tah se motii nikaal laanaa

sar to.D ke lenaa

take something by force or violence

taare ja.Dnaa

taare to.Dnaa

doing things that not everyone can do, doing wonder, the work of cunning and cleverly

taare jha.Dnaa


stars, pupils of the eye

aasmaan kaa taaraa

taa.nbaa saa aasmaan ho jaanaa

taare baa.ndhnaa

a kind of water sorcery to stop the rain, Metaphorically: to stop a chain

haath to.D to.D ke khaanaa

kivaa.D to.D to.D ke khaanaa


remedy, cure, prevention, break, breaking, crack, pluck, breach,

to.D denaa

break, disrupt, destroy



breaking and smashing

aa.nsuu to.D

(in thuggee) unseasonable rain, considered as a bad omen

taare dikhaa.ii denaa

taare ginvaanaa

counting stars, Metaphorically: getting into trouble

taare gin.naa

count the stars, pass a sleepless night

taare dikhaanaa

confuse, perplex

taare dekhnaa

to.D khaanaa

dha.D to.D

a trick in wrestling

to.D honaa

to.D karnaa

counteract, retaliate, make an adjustment, remove the effect of sorcery

to.D baiThnaa

Meaning of aasmaan se taare to.D laanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

aasmaan se taare to.D laanaa

आसमान से तारे तोड़ लानाآسْمان سے تارے تُوڑ لانا

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आसमान से तारे तोड़ लाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • रुक: आसमान से तारे उतारना

آسْمان سے تارے تُوڑ لانا کے اردو معانی


  • رک: آسمان سے تارے اتارنا۔

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