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aasmaan phaT pa.Dnaa

be overwhelmed with calamities, rain heavily, have troubles, a catastrophe to occur

aasmaan sar par phaT pa.Dnaa

aasmaan phaT pa.De

phaT pa.Dnaa

be abundant, be present in large quantities, be enraged, bitterly speak of grievances, to burst

pahaa.D phaT pa.Dnaa

nii.nd phaT pa.Dnaa

daulat phaT pa.Dnaa

javaanii phaT pa.Dnaa

chhat phaT pa.Dnaa

musiibat phaT pa.Dnaa

phaaT pa.Dnaa

Gam kaa pahaa.D phaT pa.Dnaa

aasmaan TuuT pa.Dnaa

be overwhelmed with calamities, suffer God's wrath

aasmaan tuT pa.Dnaa

aasmaan TuuT kar pa.Dnaa

kaa.ndho.n par aasmaan gir pa.Dnaa

phaT phaT karnaa


blow, strike, creaking sound of a shoe, fame, renown, sound of a motorcycle, sound of gunfire

phaT-phaT ke barasnaa

rain heavily

raat phaT pa.De


diivaar phaT jaanaa

dil phaT jaanaa

heart to be rent with grief

varam phaT jaanaa

a boil to burst


phutphuti, motorcycle

phaT phaTaanaa

(birds) shake or flap (the wings)

phaT jaanaa



ho.nT phaT jaanaa

zaKHm phaT jaanaa

of the stiches of a wound to break out


breadth (of river)

aa.nkhe.n phaT jaanaa

be extremely surprised

parda phaT jaanaa

diida phaT jaanaa

jii phaT jaanaa

be devastated with grief or disappointment phaT jaanaa


outspoken, frank, blunt, pert

kaa.ii kii tarah phaT jaanaa

kaan phaT jaanaa

man phaT jaanaa

kalejaa phaT jaanaa

jigar phaT jaanaa

nas phaT jaanaa

man phaT jaanaa

phaT ke chalnaa

dil Gam se phaT jaanaa

gaa.n.D phaT kar hauz ho jaanaa

phuuT pa.Dnaa

(of a disease) to break out, opinion to be divided, dissension or discord to occur

Daar se phaT jaanaa


loud mouth, babbling

maar laat poTaa phaT jaa.e

phaT se

immediately, instantly, at once


phaaT jaanaa

'illat phuuT pa.Dnaa

phaT pa.De vo sonaa jas se TuuTe.n kaan

curse on the gold that causes pain, it's no use having something harmful even though beneficial apparently


sky, mass of clouds, celestial order, firmament

haiza phuuT pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii phuuT pa.Dnaa


Meaning of aasmaan phaT pa.Dnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

aasmaan phaT pa.Dnaa

आसमान फट पड़नाآسْمان پَھٹْ پَڑنا

Critique (aasmaan phaT pa.Dnaa)





Root word: aasmaan

English meaning of aasmaan phaT pa.Dnaa


  • be overwhelmed with calamities, rain heavily, have troubles, a catastrophe to occur

आसमान फट पड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • बड़ी मुसीबत में पड़ना, दुर्घटना से नष्ट होना, सख़्त मुसीबत नाज़िल होना, हादसे से तबाह-ओ-बर्बाद हो जाना

آسْمان پَھٹْ پَڑنا کے اردو معانی


  • سخت مصیبت نازل ہونا، حادثے سے تباہ و برباد ہو جانا

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