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conclusion, termination, end


harmful for the prospects of life hereafter


the one who have an aye on foresight



prudent, far-seeing, far-sighted, discreet


keeping eye on result, foresight, cleverness, regard to the end or issue or consequence, a looking to the future, far-sightedness, foresight, prudence


after-life and religion

'aaqibat biga.Dnaa

be damned by (one's) sinful conduct

'aaqibat bigaa.Dnaa

become a sinner, jeopardize chances of salvation, mar or jeopardize (one's) future state of bliss


farsightedness, regard to the end or issue or consequence, a looking to the future, far-sightedness; foresight, prudence


'aaqibat ban.naa




'aaqibat baKHshvaanaa

'aaqibat sa.nvaarnaa

'aaqibat kaa jo.Daa



at last, at long last, termination of the business, the long and short of a matter

'aaqibat khonaa



'aaqibat sa.nvar jaanaa


'aaqibat banaanaa


one without foresight, farsightedness or prudence

'aaqibat kaa tosha

Metaphorically: good deeds that are provision for salvation in the next world

'aaqibat gandii karnaa

'aaqibat gandii honaa


eventually, after all, finally, in the end

'aaqibat ba-KHair honaa

'aaqibat KHair ho

'aaqibat me.n kaam aanaa

'aaqibat bil-KHair honaa

'aaqibat achhhii honaa

'aaqibat KHaraab honaa

'aaqibat KHaraab karaanaa

'aaqibat KHaraab karnaa

'aaqibat ke boriye baTornaa

'aaqibat ke boriye lapeTnaa

'aaqibat ke boriye uThaanaa

'aaqibat ke boriye sameTnaa

die in old age, have a long life





sattar dar 'aaqibat


good deeds, that would be rewarded in the next world


indiscreet, improvident, lacking in foresight, precipitate, rash, impulsive




fear of afterlife


concern of the after life, future state


promise of heaven and the after life


anxiety, concern of this world and the after-life


conclusive thought


the heart who is not able for foreseeing, apprehending next life or after life


punishment, chastisement, penalty


penalty and persecution


Meaning ofSee meaning 'aaqibat in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Arabic

Vazn : 212

Word Family: a-q-b

English meaning of 'aaqibat

Noun, Feminine

  • conclusion, termination, end
  • the hereafter
  • end of the life and results of life, in futurity
  • day of judgement
  • next period, the next world

Sher Examples

'आक़िबत के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग

  • (किसी क्रिया का) नतीजा, परिणाम
  • अंततः, परिणामस्वरूप, अंत में
  • आख़िरत, परलोक, अगली दुनिया, क़ियामत (दुनिया के तुलना में)

    विशेष - आख़िरत= वह दुनिया जहाँ महा-प्रलय के बाद सांसारिक कर्मों का हिसाब-किताब होगा और कर्म-फल मिलेगा

  • महा-प्रलय का दिन
  • भविष्य काल

عاقِبَت کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث

  • (کسی فعل کا) نتیجہ، انجام
  • آخر کار، انجام کار، بالآخر
  • آخرت، عقبیٰ، اگلا جہاں، قیامت (دنیا کے مقابلے میں)
  • قیامت کا دن
  • آئندہ زمانہ

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