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aa.nkhe.n talvo.n me.n bichhaanaa

qadmo.n me.n aa.nkhe.n bichhaanaa

raah me.n aa.nkhe.n bichhaanaa

give warm welcome, welcoming with love and zeal

aa.nkhe.n talvo.n se raga.Dnaa

talvo.n se aa.nkhe.n malvaanaa

qadmo.n tale aa.nkhe.n bichhaanaa

aa.nkhe.n qadmo.n talae bichhaanaa

talvo.n se aa.nkhe.n malnaa

aa.nkhe.n talvo.n tale malnaa

aa.nkhe.n bichhaanaa

greet effusively, esteem, love

aa.nkhe.n talvo.n se lagaanaa

talvo.n se aa.nkhe.n malnaa

show humility, be meek

aa.nkhe.n talvo.n se malnaa

aa.nkhe.n qadmo.n ke niiche bichhaanaa

qadmo.n ke tale aa.nkhe.n bichhaanaa

raah me.n aa.nkhe.n bichhnaa

talvo.n me.n lahuu utarnaa

raah me.n kaa.nTe bichhaanaa

create problems, make life miserable

talvo.n se bha.Daknaa sar me.n bujhnaa

sar me.n aag lagii, talvo.n me.n bujhii

talvo.n se lagnaa choTii me.n bujhnaa

talvo.n se laagnaa sar me.n bujhnaa

talvo.n se lagnaa sar me.n jaa ke bujhnaa

aa.nkhe.n zamiin me.n ga.Dnaa

talvo.n se lagii to sar me.n jaa ke bujhii

was greatly offended or irritated

aa.nkhe.n ga.Dhe me.n jaa rahnaa

aa.nkho.n me.n aa.nkhe.n Daal ke

face to face, boldly

aa.nkhe.n huu.ii.n chaar dil me.n aayaa pyaar , , aa.nkhe.n huu.ii.n oT dil me.n aa.ii khoT

hare me.n aa.nkhe.n honaa

To have eyes in prosperity, to become extravagant.

aa.nkhe.n KHuun me.n Duubnaa

aa.nkhe.n bichhnaa

palak paa.nv.De bichhaanaa

talvo.n kaa kachchaa

the one who tired soon, the one who don't walk much

vardii bichhaanaa

dastar-KHvaan bichhaanaa

lay the table



mukh.Daa talvo.n ko na pahu.nche


sole, underside of a shoe or foot

charbii chhaa.ii aa.nkhan me.n, to naachan laagii aa.ngan me.n

farsh bichhaanaa

lay a spread, etc. on the ground

gadhe kii aa.nkho.n me.n nuun diyaa , us ne kahaa merii aa.nkhe.n pho.De.n

diide talvo.n se malnaa


fell, knock down

chaTaa.ii bichhaanaa

spread a mat

hare me.n aa.nkhe.n phuulnaa yaa honaa

daam bichhaanaa

to cast a trap bichhaanaa

lay a mine

diide bichhaanaa bichhaanaa

palke.n bichhaanaa

welcome with extreme love and respect, treat with great honour

peshaanii bichhaanaa

(Metaphorically) to do respect and honored highly

chaadar bichhaanaa

lay or spread a sheet

talvo.n tale meTnaa

talvo.n se lagnaa

talvo.n tale malnaa

talvo.n se malnaa

rubbing under the feet, Metaphorically: trample, to ruin, to grind

talvo.n se lagaanaa

tah bichhaanaa

spread something in a layer

mez bichhaanaa

place a table at some place

Meaning ofSee meaning aa.nkhe.n talvo.n me.n bichhaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

aa.nkhe.n talvo.n me.n bichhaanaa

आँखें तलवों में बिछानाآن٘کھیں تَل٘ووں میں بِچھانا


आँखें तलवों में बिछाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • रुक : आंखें तुलू वन से रगड़ना (मानी नंबर १)

آن٘کھیں تَل٘ووں میں بِچھانا کے اردو معانی


  • رک : آن٘کھیں تلوون سے رَگڑنا (معنی نمبر ۱).

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aa.nkhe.n talvo.n me.n bichhaanaa

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