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'aalam dikhaanaa

'aalam dekhnaa

'aalam 'aalam

everywhere, in the whole world,very, much

chuuta.D dikhaanaa

to turn tail

sho'bada dikhaanaa

sho'bade dikhaanaa

lo.Daa dikhaanaa

ko.Daa dikhaanaa

ta.Dap dikhaanaa

heka.Dii dikhaanaa


the world, universe

daaG dikhaanaa

qadam dikhaanaa

to show the paces (of), (colloq.) to make tracks, to be off, go away

daa.nt dikhaanaa

laugh shamelessly

darshan dikhaanaa

dimaaG dikhaanaa

paa.nv dikhaanaa

vird dikhaanaa

jhaa.nvlii dikhaanaa

appear for a short while

kaa.ndhe dikhaanaa

jaa.iza dikhaanaa

go.ndaa dikhaanaa

dahshat dikhaanaa

Gazal dikhaanaa

Gazabii dikhaanaa

vaqt dikhaanaa

svaad dikhaanaa

ju.e.n dikhaanaa

nazre.n dikhaanaa

andaaz dikhaanaa

be a coquette

qai.nchii dikhaanaa

to clip, to trim (beard etc.)

sham' dikhaanaa

Gamza dikhaanaa

naqsha dikhaanaa

murchu.Daa-pan dikhaanaa

a.ngusht dikhaanaa

musta'idii dikhaanaa

mo'jiza dikhaanaa

to show a miracle (performed by a prophet), to do a surprising and miracle act that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and that is beyond the human power

'aalam-'aalam honaa

different states or emotions to overwhelm

mash'al dikhaanaa

to show a torch, to hold a torch before or near (a person), to carry a lighted torch before (a person)


world after world

phapa.D dalaale dikhaanaa

mu.nh dikhaanaa

pay visit, meet

dekhnaa dikhaanaa

giida.D bhabkii dikhaanaa

baa.nh dikhaanaa

shaan-daarii dikhaanaa

mu.nh dikhaanaa

to show one's face (to), to appear before (one) with confidence and satisfaction

masiihaa.ii dikhaanaa

to cure the patient, to save the dying

chhaa.n dikhaanaa

gaav zoriyaa.n dikhaanaa

shiguufa dikhaanaa

shutur Gamze dikhaanaa

dillii dikhaanaa

kha.Daa karke dikhaanaa

thumb showing in response to asking for something, deny clearly

qaabiliyyat dikhaanaa

aarsii-mus.haf dikhaanaa

havvaa dikhaanaa

daaG-e-dil dikhaanaa

yad-e-baizaa dikhaanaa

to perform a miracle

Meaning ofSee meaning 'aalam dikhaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

'aalam dikhaanaa

'आलम दिखानाعالَم دِکھانا


'आलम दिखाना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • संकट में डालना, विपत्ति से मुक़ाबला करना
  • बहादुरी दिखाना, चमक-दमक में वृद्धि करना, सौंदर्य-प्रदर्शन करना, नख़रे एवं अदाएँ दिखाना
  • हाल-चाल बताना, हालत दिखाना
  • तमाशा दिखाना, चित्ताकर्षक दृश्य प्रस्तुत करना

عالَم دِکھانا کے اردو معانی

  • مصیبت میں ڈالنا، آفت سے دوچار کرنا
  • بہادر دکھانا، رونق دینا، جوبن دکھانا، ناز و انداز دکھانا
  • کیفیت ظاہر کرنا، حالت دکھانا
  • تماشا دکھانا، دلکش منظر پیش کرنا

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'aalam dikhaanaa

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