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aag jha.Dnaa

aag jhaa.Dnaa

To brush the ashes from burning coal, to strike fire.


become useless or worthless, come to one's senses after intoxication, be sober, discharge or ejaculate semen, fall off or drop (of fruits from a tree, feathers or hair from an animal, etc.), receive an advantage or benefit, gain, be saved (money, etc.), to drop, fall, to be shed

kii.De jha.Dnaa

baa.D jha.Dnaa

baa.Dh jha.Dnaa

dimaaG jha.Dnaa

be shorn of pride, to have the pride taken out of one

maGz jha.Dnaa

daa.nt jha.Dnaa

teeth to fall out

buu.nd jha.Dnaa

lachchhan jha.Dnaa

daliddar jha.Dnaa

lachchhan jha.Dnaa

be corrupted, degenerate, lose one's beauty

nazar jha.Dnaa

daal jha.Dnaa

gard jha.Dnaa

become beaten

dhuul jha.Dnaa

aa.nsuu jha.Dnaa

chi.ngaarii jha.Dnaa

shahpar jha.Dnaa

battiisii jha.Dnaa

teeth to fall due to old age or any accident

par-purze jha.Dnaa

namak jha.Dnaa

paap jha.Dnaa

peT jha.Dnaa

naubat jha.Dnaa

the naubat to be sounded, (of drums or kettledrum) be beaten (at fixed hours)

motii jha.Dnaa

mastii jha.Dnaa

ghun jha.Dnaa

fallen of wormwood in the form of fine flour

baal jha.Dnaa

hair to fall off

chakmak jha.Dnaa

gul jha.Dnaa

flowers to drop off, sparks (of fire) to fly, the charred part (of a match) to fall off.

par jha.Dnaa

fall of the angel, Metaphorically: to be helpless

paanii jha.Dnaa

phuul jha.Dnaa

speak eloquently, soothing and sweet speaking from the mouth, sweetness is an expression of words

taare jha.Dnaa

lachchhan se jha.Dnaa

dimaaG ke kii.De jha.Dnaa

maGz ke kii.De jha.Dnaa

be humbled, face the music, be set right, come to one's senses

mu.nh ke lachchhan jha.Dnaa

mu.nh ke lachchhan jha.Dnaa

aag me.n aag lagaanaa

aag pa.Dnaa

aag paka.Dnaa

aag bha.Daknaa

aag jo.Dnaa

aag bha.Dkaanaa

provoke, excite a riot, fan the flames, stir up a desire

aag ga.Dnaa

aag gaa.Dnaa

ha.nsii me.n phuul jha.Dnaa

laughing in a pleasant way, some one's smile to be agreeable

mu.nh se phuul jha.Dnaa

speak sweetly, Satirical: use obscenities, reproach

aag kaa putlaa aag ko dhaa.e

phuul mu.nh se jha.Dnaa

phuul mu.nh se jha.Dnaa

aag me.n pa.Dnaa

aag me.n pa.De

mu.nh se motii jha.Dnaa

mu.nh se phuul jha.Dnaa

aag kaa pe.D

zabaan se motii jha.Dnaa

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aag jha.Dnaa

आग झड़नाآگ جَھڑنا


आग झड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • शरर गिरना, शोला निकलना
  • संग-ओ-चक़माक़ से आग निकलना

آگ جَھڑنا کے اردو معانی


  • شرر گرنا ، شعلہ نکلنا .
  • سنگ و چقماق سے آگ نکلنا.

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aag jha.Dnaa

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