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the day of resurrection


the paraphernalia of a bride, vestments and furniture of every kind which a bride brings to her husband's house; bride's portion, a dowry

KHudaa ganje ko naaKHun na de

a great fortune in the hands of a fool is a great misfortune

qaazii jii ke ghar ke chuuhe bhii sayaane

even the servant of a wise man is not a fool


(Metaphorically) sorrow, grief

marte dam tak

till death, till the last gasp


damage, loss, detriment, injury, hurt


small, little, slight, light


power, ability


full of desire, desirous


peace, tranquillity, serenity, calm


place of sacred ablution performed before prayer, a place for ablution, washing face, hands and leg before the Islamic prayers


decoration, ornamentation, adornment, arrangement kaa kaaTaa rassii se Dartaa hai

one who has been bitten by a snake dreads a piece of rope, once bitten twice shy

qadam uThaanaa

step forward, go ahead (with), take a measure, to walk quickly, to take a quick step


adhan, the Islamic call to prayer, shout to call, Muslim summon to prayers (usually chanted from the turret of a mosque)


what is your name


expression, a sentence


a caste whose business is to sell betel-leaf


letter (of the alphabet), syllable

Home / Blog / Waghaira: Etymology, Usage, Waghaira Waghaira!

Waghaira: Etymology, Usage, Waghaira Waghaira!

by Rajat Kumar 16 June 2022 2 min Read

Waghaira: Etymology, Usage, Waghaira Waghaira!

hai aap ke ho.nTo.n pe jo muskaan vaGaira
qurbaan ga.e us pe dil o jaan vaGaira


Words often conceal more than they convey. Today, we’ll be unpicking, unpacking, and more, a word we use countless times every day, but are only getting to know now.

Waghaira, our very own etcetera, is a word we use here, there, and everywhere. It’s also notably used when we want to just rush out of a conversation, as in, “Arey hum ne bahut dekhe hain shayar waghera”

Beyond the word’s dialectical use, the word also doubles up into ‘Waghaira-Waghaira’, carrying connotations such as miscellaneous (information), sundries, and less-relevant bits. For instance, ‘Daraaz mein kya kuchh na tha, rasiden, khutuut, qalam, waghaira-waghaira’.

If you want more, here’s a great case in point:


yahii soch kar iktifaa chaar par kar ga.e shaiKH-jii
mile.ngii vahaa.n un ko huur aur pariyaa.n vaGaira vaGaira


Now, we don’t need to teach you how to use this word in a phrase; we’ve all mastered our local idioms. What we can shed light on, however, is its etymology and a very unique expression from our language that stems from this word.

So first, what is Waghaira as a word? It’s essentially a compound word made of three units: Wa meaning and, Ghair meaning other, and Ha/Hu indicating so forth. Literally, it means ‘and other things’. Also, its Sanskrit counterpart, Ityaadi, does a great job of conveying the same idea, translating into ‘this and others’. 

Let’s move on to that one very unique expression that might be a product of, how do I say, Waghaira-ization?! 

Ever used phrases like: “Kahnaa-Wahnaa”, “Tukke-Wukke”, “Sunanaa-Wunanna”, etc.? 
Notice that this intensifier-like verb/noun suffix almost always begins with a ‘Wa’ sound, this is a direct result of the word Waghera passively at play. We’ve even extended it into English, say, ‘Late-Wate’, ‘Tension-Venshion’, so on and so forth!

Let’s understand this with an example:

“Sunana-Wunana hai nahin, ab tukke-wukke bhiDaate raho bas!”

Here, Tukke-Wukke can literally, and quite perfectly, translate into the English language as ‘guesswork and all’. This little ‘and all’, is exactly what these intentionally misspelled words beginning with ‘Wa’ interpret as. And on top of that, it also ties back to Waghaira in Urdu, and etcetera in English!

With that it’s a wrap! If you know more insights about this interesting little word, feel free to share your thoughts, drop them in the comment box, enlighten us, etcetera, and etcetera!

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