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arrangement of nature, system of nature


body, body of animate being


escape, deliverance, salvation


an election that happens at a different time from a main election, to choose a Member of Parliament to replace one who has died or left his or her job, by-election


custom, usage, manner, mode, fashion


a mule


pinching or unpleasant remark



haathii ke daa.nt khaane ke aur dikhaane ke aur

all that glitters is not gold


twinkling of stars or light


superintendent, deputy, representative, agent, correspondent

sar tan se judaa karnaa

to behead, to cut off the head of (someone)


pay office, adjutant or paymasters office, general's office


message bearer, messenger, prophet, apostle


dreaming in sleep, seeing in sleep, dream, fancy


disobedience, refractoriness, mutiny, rebellion, insurrection


gallows, gibbet


bathroom, bathhouse, hot bath


the sitting on a cushion, accession to the throne


one who earns nothing

Home / Blog / Think You Know All About the Word Tahreer? Think Again!

Think You Know All About the Word Tahreer? Think Again!

by Rajat Kumar 25 October 2021 2 min Read

Think You Know All About the Word Tahreer? Think Again!

naqsh fariyaadi hai kis kii shoKHi-e-tahrir ka

kaagzii hai pairahan har paikar-e-tasvir kaa

For favors from whose playful hand, does the word aspire

Each one's an abject supplicant in paper-like attire

Most of us know the couplet above; the first couplet in Ghalib’s Diwan, agree?

Tahreer” means ‘to write’, or ‘a writing’, and, in this couplet, it has been used in its everyday meaning having a pivotal place. 

But what many of us don’t know is that originally, the word was coined for an entirely different purpose, and was used in a completely different sense. 

The word is derived from the Arabic root Hurr (H-r-r), which means a free man; liberal; a slave set free. Additionally, it also came to be used in the sense of any bird that was released from its cage. It is from the same word that we derived the word Hurriyat, meaning a drive or movement to set free. You must have heard Hurriyat Neta/Leaders, often taken as separatists. 

So, it is pretty clear that the idea of “freedom” is closely related to “Tahreer”. Wonder what it is that gave the word its prevalent meaning?

Here is the gist, in primeval times, it was customary in Arabia that when a slave was set free, a written proof was handed over to him, that he was now free. This written document was known as “Tahreer”. Therefore, the actual meaning of the word, one which is still prevalent in Arabic, was to set someone free, to release someone. Gradually though, the word became synonymous to writing, and that’s how everyone has been using it for ages.

Well now that you know, the “Tahreer” in Ghalib’s couplet comes out more like a fettered will, instead of free will, no? 



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