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thinking well, well wisher

duudh-shariik bahan

foster sister


related to grief and death, elegiac


vessel, vase, receptacle


one third, one-third part


curse, anathema, imprecation, reproach, reproof, rebuke

qahr Dhaanaa

to be wrathful, to rage


a hired labourer, worker

chale na jaa.e aa.ngan Te.Dhaa

a bad workman blames his tools

aage naath na piichhe pagaa

heirless, lone, lone wolf


magician, sorcerer, wizard, conjuror


the celebration of of an engagement, betrothal, engagement

nazar-bhar dekhnaa

to look carefully


slaves of the same master in relation to one another, slave colleagues


kindness, mercy


cage for birds


a decent way of desiring, nice way of asking


living, livelihood, course of life


state of just living a life (esp. with mediocre means), whiling away one's time means of livelihood, passing (one's) time, occupation, employment, subsistence, livelihood, means of living


spread, wide-spread, dispersed, diffused, diffuse

Home / Blog / Nazar: Looking Beyond The Visible Meanings

Nazar: Looking Beyond The Visible Meanings

by Atifa Haroon 15 September 2023 3 min Read

Nazar: Looking Beyond The Visible Meanings

In the midst of the grand linguistic spectacle where a single word can wear many hats, we're back with yet another marvelously mundane word that unfolds like a treasure chest of interpretations!

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to embark on a insightful journey as we unravel the enigmatic three-letter word نظر (nazar). We're about to dive deep into its multifaceted meanings, denotations, and connotations, so that the next time someone inquires about the essence of nazar, you can respond with an exaggerated flourish.

So, let's plunge headfirst into the captivating realm of gazes and glances, and discover the hidden gems beneath the surface.

Let's start with some breezy, well-known interpretations.

First and foremost, nazar, in its most literal sense, signifies "sight." This encompasses what one sees and the act of seeing itself. For instance, "meri nazar guldaste pe padi" would mean "I had my sight on the flowerpot," while "meri nazar wahan tak nahi jayegi" translates to "my sight won't reach there."

Now, nazar can also be synonymous with eyesight. People often employ the term 'nazar' when discussing their optical prowess. So, when you hear someone say, "Mujhe nazar ka chashma lagne wala hai," it simply means, "I'm about to get glasses for my eyesight."

But hold on, there's more to nazar than meets the eye! Pun intended. Another intriguing facet of nazar leans toward the negative. This is where nazar takes on a rather sinister tone, referring to the infamous "evil eye" and its malevolent influence. You've likely encountered someone in dire straits declaring, "humein nazar lag gayi hai," which loosely translates to, "we've fallen victim to the evil eye."

And if that's not mysterious enough, nazar also serves as a harbinger of supernatural forces impacting an individual. So, when someone utters, "us ke upar nazar ka asar hai," they're suggesting that an ominous, otherworldly energy (think djinns, spirits, and ghosts) might be at play.

Moving right along, nazar assumes the role of a guardian. When someone says, "Humare bete pe nazar rakhiyega, they're not asking for an optical check-up. Instead, they're requesting a watchful eye over their kid. It's like being appointed the guardian of mischief prevention!

Likewise, "theek se nazar na rakhi jaaye toh bache bigad jaate hain" roughly translates to, "if you don't keep a close eye on them, kids tend to wander off the straight and narrow." Here, nazar steps into the shoes of both caregiver and supervisor, especially when it comes to the young and impressionable. It's like having a protective guardian angel, but in the form of a word.

Now, let's venture into another intriguing dimension of nazar: its use to describe one's intentions. This particular application can have either a sunny or stormy outlook, depending on the context.

For instance, "tumhari jaayedad par uski galat nazar hai" sends the message that "they have ill intentions regarding your property," and in this case, the connotation is undeniably negative.

But then, in a more uplifting scenario, "us khatoon ne achi nazar se bache ki taraf dekha" translates to "the lady looked at the child with good intentions." Here, nazar takes on a positive role, signifying benevolence and good will. It's like nazar is the compass guiding our intentions, sometimes towards the light, and at other times, into murkier waters.

And with this captivating exploration, dear readers, we bring the curtain down on our journey through the kaleidoscope of nazar's meanings. But fret not, for we shall return soon with more wordplay and the delightful unraveling of meanings. Until then, aap blog pe nazar banaye rakhiye!

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