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a staccato musical mode with quick tempo, kind of song to a quick air


a hired labourer, worker


thinking well, well wisher

duudh-shariik bahan

foster sister


related to grief and death, elegiac


vessel, vase, receptacle


one third, one-third part


curse, anathema, imprecation, reproach, reproof, rebuke

qahr Dhaanaa

to be wrathful, to rage

chale na jaa.e aa.ngan Te.Dhaa

a bad workman blames his tools

aage naath na piichhe pagaa

heirless, lone, lone wolf


magician, sorcerer, wizard, conjuror


the celebration of of an engagement, betrothal, engagement

nazar-bhar dekhnaa

to look carefully


slaves of the same master in relation to one another, slave colleagues


kindness, mercy


cage for birds


a decent way of desiring, nice way of asking


living, livelihood, course of life


state of just living a life (esp. with mediocre means), whiling away one's time means of livelihood, passing (one's) time, occupation, employment, subsistence, livelihood, means of living

Home / Blog / Lughat-e- Jamhuriya: Know Your Democracy in Urdu

Lughat-e- Jamhuriya: Know Your Democracy in Urdu

by Atifa Haroon 30 April 2024 3 min Read

Lughat-e- Jamhuriya: Know Your Democracy in Urdu

The wave of elections has coloured all of our nation in shades of political awareness and knowledge. It is crucial for us, as responsible citizens to understand the importance of democracy and exercise our right to vote. 

And in the same spirit, today, we are here to take you on this political rally of Urdu words. In this blog, you will be introduced to the Urdu vocabulary of all things related to democracy. So, let us set on this expedition, so that the next time you discuss politics, you may have an elegant Urdu vocabulary to flaunt!

First up is our key word jamhuuriyat, which we call democracy in English. Having origins in Arabic, the word jamhuuriyat stems from the root word jamhuur, which literally means a heap of sand. But, its metaphorical meaning refers to a a great number of people, a collective body (of men), a whole people or a republic. 

Then we have the word aaeen, which means constitution, law or a set of rules. Aaieen is a Persian word and is also used in the sense of a religious law, jurisprudence and politeness, civility or formality etc. However, its most popular usage in Urdu is in the context of the constitution (of a nation). 

The aaieen gives you all your constitutional rights, one of which is your right to vote, which is called Haq-e-raay-daahi in Urdu. 

One of the most important words related to democracy is intikhaab, which literally means selection. When used in a political context, intikhaab refers to the act of electing a representative, through the process of voting. 

After the elections are over and the votes are counted, the results declare the party which has won and formed a government. This party is called Hizb-e-iqtidaar, which translates to the ruling party. Hizb is Arabic in origin and refers to a group of people. Iqtidar on the other hand means authority, power, might or ability. 

But what is a ruling party, without a party opposing it? A party, which is in opposition to the ruling one, is called Hizb-e-Ikhtilaaf. Ikhtilaaf, also Arabic in origin, means difference, disagreement or opposition. 

And with this, we warp it up for the key words related to democracy, which may come in handy in the forthcoming elections. Remember, it's not just about knowing the words; it's about using them to vote and shape the destiny of our nation. Now go forth, armed with knowledge and wit, and let democracy reign supreme!

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