अधिक खोजे गए शब्द

सहेजे गए शब्द

अधिक खोजे गए शब्द


जाया, भार्या, पत्नी, जोरू


शैतान, अत्यन्त निर्दय और अत्याचारी व्यक्ति


मन को भाने या अच्छा लगने वाला


संगीत में एक प्रकार का चलता गाना (पक्के या शास्त्रीय गानों से भिन्न), एक प्रकार का गान, एक ताल


शारीरिक श्रम के द्वारा जीविका कमाने वाला कोई व्यक्ति, जैसे: इमारत बनाने, कल-कारख़ानों में काम करने वाला, श्रमिक, कर्मकार, भृतक, मजूर


भलाई की बात सोचने वाला, वह शख़्स जो किसी की भलाई चाहे, शुभचिंतक

दूध-शरीक बहन

ऐसी बालिका जो किसी ऐसी स्त्री का दूध पीकर पली हो जिसका दूध पीकर और कोई बालिका या बालक भी पला हो, धाय संतान, दूधबहिन, दूधबहन


दुख और मौत से संबंधित, शोकयुक्त




किसी वस्तु के तीन समान भागों में कोई एक भाग, तीसरा अंश, भाग या हिस्सा, तीसरा हिस्सा


धिक्कार, फटकार, भर्त्सना, अभिशाप, शाप

क़हर ढाना

किसी के लिए संकट पैदा करना, संकटग्रस्त बनाना, किसी पर कोई आफ़त लाना, ज़ुल्म करना, क़हर तोड़ना

चले न जाए आँगन टेढ़ा

काम में कुशल न होने पर दूसरे पर आरोप मढ़ना

आगे नाथ न पीछे पगा

जिसके आगे-पीछे कोई न हो, जिसका अपना कोई न हो, असहाय, लावारिस, अकेला


जादूगर, वह व्यक्ति जो जादू दिखाता हो


शादी के पूर्व रिश्ता पक्का करने के लिए की जाने वाली रस्म, सगाई, शादी तै करना, रिश्ता करना

नज़र-भर देखना

पूरी तरह से देखना, ध्यान से देखना


एक स्वामी के दास, जो आपस में ख्वाजःताश कहलाते हैं


कृपा, करुणा, तरस, ममता, दया


(पक्षियों का) पिंजरा, कबूतरों का दरबा जो बाँस की खपच्चियों से बनाते हैं

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Lughat-e-Amn: Traversing The Language of Peace in Urdu

by Mohd Ahmad Jafri 28 June 2024 5 min Read

Lughat-e-Amn: Traversing The Language of Peace in Urdu

We hope you are enjoying your time with the Rekhta Dictionary Urdu blog. Your perpetual pursuit of exploring and mastering advanced Urdu vocabulary is genuinely commendable. Fueled by your unwavering passion for the language, our latest article presents a lexicon dedicated to peace and harmony, encapsulated in a concise yet comprehensive piece. Join us as we delve into the ocean of amn pasand zaban (peace-loving language) and uncover the gems of amn-o-muhabbat (peace and love).

Today's first featured word in our blog is "sulh" صُلْح. This Arabic-origin word incorporates innumerable definitions, including peace, truce, treaty, and reconciliation. "Sulh" صُلْح can be used in various contexts, forms, and elegant compound terms. For instance, when two parties attain a voluntary reconciliation or compromise, it is designated "sulh-e-ikhtiyaarii" صُلْحِ اختیاری. An agreement to halt hostilities temporarily is known as "sulh-e-chand-roza" صُلْحِ چند روزہ (armistice). Contrarily, a breach of the peace is defined as "sulh-shikanii صُلْح شکنی. If negotiations are fruitful and result in a lasting and comprehensive peace, the terms "sulh-e-kamil" صُلْحِ کامل or "sulh-e-kul" صُلْحِ کل are employed.

Delving deeper, we encounter numerous additional terms and expressions related to "sulh" صُلْح A person who epitomizes peacefulness or pursues peace is termed "sulh-juu" صُلْح جو or "sulh-var" صُلْح ور Similarly, an individual who facilitates or mediates peace or reconciliation is termed "sulh-kaar" صُلْح کار or "sulh-kuninda" صُلْح کنندہ (conciliator, peacemaker). You may be curious about the term for a peace treaty in Urdu; this elegant and endearing term is "sulh-naama" صُلْح نامہ.

Amn" أمن is one of the most cheery and heartfelt Urdu words. It manifests peace, calm, tranquility, safety, and security. Same as"sulh," "amn" can be utilized in various forms, including compound, prefix, suffix, and infix. The most widespread term is "amn-o-amaan" أمن و أمان. When your town goes through the climate of "amn-o-amaan" أمن و أمان,  it enjoys sweeping and all-round law and order. This term also delivers a sense of peace and safety, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility. Another term is "amn-chain" أمن چین which, while dispensing the same meaning as "amn-o-amaan" أمن و أمان is more broadly used. It symbolizes general safety and security and sometimes conveys a relaxed and carefree demeanor.

We cherish individuals who are calm, composed, and peace-loving. In Urdu, such a person is referred to as "amn-pasand" أمن پسند. To describe a mental state characterized by relaxation and a love for peace, the phrase "amn-pasandii" أمن پسندی is used. Every society and community requires individuals who actively promote and establish peace, especially among diverse groups. These individuals are known as "amn-ke-payambar" أمن کے پیمبر (messengers of peace). Another remarkable Urdu phrase is "payaam-e-amn" پیام أمن which means the message of peace. A place that is peaceful and safe is called "pur-amn" پر أمن. Additionally, you can enhance your vocabulary with "pur-sukuun", another term for tranquility.

Let's highlight the most invigorating phrase for today’s blog: "pur-amn-baqaa-e-baaham" پر أمن بقائے باہم. This four-word composite encapsulates the essence of a pluralistic and multicultural society, referring to peaceful coexistence.

Concluding this discussion on "pur-amn”, we are delighted to emphasize that Urdu boasts a vast stockpile of such delightful terms and expressions. Articles of this modest length cannot even scratch the surface of these ever-expanding words. However, we firmly believe that these brief blogs serve as powerful motivators and sources of inspiration, igniting an unceasing passion for learning among Urdu enthusiasts


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