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faatiha pa.Dhna

recite the first sura of the Qur'an to pray for the dead


opening chapter of the Holy Quran, Fatiha

faatiha denaa

to cause blessings to be invoked (upon a deceased relative, this is done by having the opening chapter of the Quraan read over the deceased for forty days after his death, and distributing alms and food)

faatiha honaa

faatiha karnaa

to repeat the fatiha (over), to repeat prayers for the dead


Muslims' ceremony on the third day after death

faatiha na duruud khaa ga.e marduud

the unskilled people ruined the things

faatiha na duruud mar ga.e marduud

aTkal kii faatiha denaa

say something unconsciously


the opening chapter, or exordium, of the Quraan (so called because the recitation in prayer is commenced therewith)


Muslims' ceremony on the third day after death

halvaa.ii kii dukaan par daadaa-jii kii faatiha

liberal at the expense of others

faatiha na duruud khaane ko maujuud

ready to get reward without hard work

mar ga.e marduud jin kii faatiha na duruud

no one remembers a evil nature with a good name

mar gaya marduud jis ka faatiha na duruud

jaisaa tel kaa maliida vaise aTkal kaa faatiha

mismanagement is often frightening

faatiha-e-KHair pa.Dhnaa

blessings on the dead, to repeat the ftia(over), to repeat prayers for the dead

bhaTyaarii ke tannuur pe naanaa kii faatiha

liberal at the expense of others



pa.Dhnaa pa.Dhaanaa

ham abhii se faatiha ke liye haath uThaate hai.n

it is said by women when someone threatens to die

pa.Dhnaa va.Dhnaa

to read

ka.Dkaa pa.Dhnaa

pa.Dhant pa.Dhnaa

vaziifa pa.Dhnaa

qazaa pa.Dhnaa

say one's prayer after the appointed time

Gazal pa.Dhnaa

recite a ghazal

ravaa.n pa.Dhnaa

read fluently, read easily

vird pa.Dhnaa

qasiida pa.Dhnaa

'iid pa.Dhnaa

farz pa.Dhnaa

hifz pa.Dhnaa

repeat from memory

daa'vat pa.Dhnaa

recite incantations, invoke spirits

tasbiih pa.Dhnaa

tell the beads

tarah pa.Dhnaa

nikaah pa.Dhnaa

rajaz pa.Dhnaa

to praise, admire

ziyaarat pa.Dhnaa

namaaz pa.Dhnaa

offer prayer or prayers

qul pa.Dhnaa

soz pa.Dhnaa

hirz pa.Dhnaa

miilaad pa.Dhnaa

qur.aan pa.Dhnaa

hamd pa.Dhnaa

read or recite poetry in praise of God

javaab pa.Dhnaa

zabaanii pa.Dhnaa

read or recite from memory

sabaq pa.Dhnaa

izn pa.Dhnaa

azaan pa.Dhnaa


an assembly convened to offer prayers for the dead


an assembly convened to offer prayers for the dead


the reciter of Fatiha, the one who performs the rites of Fatiha

mushaa'ara pa.Dhnaa

reciting poetry in a poetic gathering

naa'te.n pa.Dhnaa

'amal pa.Dhnaa

recite a magical formula or incantation

maqaala pa.Dhnaa

to present a research paper on a particular topic

janaaza pa.Dhnaa

say funeral prayers

naazira pa.Dhnaa

read by sight, (as opposed to by heart)

Meaning ofSee meaning faatiha pa.Dhna in English, Hindi & Urdu

faatiha pa.Dhna

फ़ातिहा पढ़नाفَاتِحَہ پَڑھْنا


English meaning of faatiha pa.Dhna


  • recite the first sura of the Qur'an to pray for the dead
  • lose all hope
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फ़ातिहा पढ़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • मृतक की आत्मा की शांति के उद्देश्य से अल-हम्द आदि का पाठ करना
  • निराश होना, उदास होना

فَاتِحَہ پَڑھْنا کے اردو معانی


  • مردے کی روح کو ثواب پہنچانے کی نیت سے الحمد وغیرہ پڑھنا
  • ناامید ہونا، مایوس ہونا، اداس ہونا

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faatiha pa.Dhna

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