अधिक खोजे गए शब्द

सहेजे गए शब्द

अधिक खोजे गए शब्द


जाया, भार्या, पत्नी, जोरू


शैतान, अत्यन्त निर्दय और अत्याचारी व्यक्ति


मन को भाने या अच्छा लगने वाला


संगीत में एक प्रकार का चलता गाना (पक्के या शास्त्रीय गानों से भिन्न), एक प्रकार का गान, एक ताल


शारीरिक श्रम के द्वारा जीविका कमाने वाला कोई व्यक्ति, जैसे: इमारत बनाने, कल-कारख़ानों में काम करने वाला, श्रमिक, कर्मकार, भृतक, मजूर


भलाई की बात सोचने वाला, वह शख़्स जो किसी की भलाई चाहे, शुभचिंतक

दूध-शरीक बहन

ऐसी बालिका जो किसी ऐसी स्त्री का दूध पीकर पली हो जिसका दूध पीकर और कोई बालिका या बालक भी पला हो, धाय संतान, दूधबहिन, दूधबहन


दुख और मौत से संबंधित, शोकयुक्त




किसी वस्तु के तीन समान भागों में कोई एक भाग, तीसरा अंश, भाग या हिस्सा, तीसरा हिस्सा


धिक्कार, फटकार, भर्त्सना, अभिशाप, शाप

क़हर ढाना

किसी के लिए संकट पैदा करना, संकटग्रस्त बनाना, किसी पर कोई आफ़त लाना, ज़ुल्म करना, क़हर तोड़ना

चले न जाए आँगन टेढ़ा

काम में कुशल न होने पर दूसरे पर आरोप मढ़ना

आगे नाथ न पीछे पगा

जिसके आगे-पीछे कोई न हो, जिसका अपना कोई न हो, असहाय, लावारिस, अकेला


जादूगर, वह व्यक्ति जो जादू दिखाता हो


शादी के पूर्व रिश्ता पक्का करने के लिए की जाने वाली रस्म, सगाई, शादी तै करना, रिश्ता करना

नज़र-भर देखना

पूरी तरह से देखना, ध्यान से देखना


एक स्वामी के दास, जो आपस में ख्वाजःताश कहलाते हैं


कृपा, करुणा, तरस, ममता, दया


(पक्षियों का) पिंजरा, कबूतरों का दरबा जो बाँस की खपच्चियों से बनाते हैं

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Irfaan-e-khudii: The Power of Self in Making Strong Compounds

by Mohd Ahmad Jafri 14 June 2024 4-5 min Read

Irfaan-e-khudii: The Power of Self in Making Strong Compounds

Are you passionate about the intricacies of Urdu vocabulary? Do you delight in the nuances of Urdu language? As a regular visitor of Rekhta, your profound passion and dedication to the Urdu language are undeniably commendable. Inspired by your deep fascination for this beautiful language, we have curated a list of ten powerful Urdu terms that powerfully capture the positive facets of human character. Before we dive into these turbocharged terms, let us take a moment to reflect on the allure and elegance of the Urdu language. Known for its poetic charm and articulative depth, Urdu is widely known to deliver complex emotions and nuances with grace and precision. Each word in Urdu is a testament to its rich cultural legacy and linguistic flamboyance.

In this article, we celebrate the beauty of Urdu by exploring ten remarkable compound Urdu words that highlight the noblest aspects of the human self. These terms will inspire and encourage us to embody the virtues they represent. Engage with us on this linguistic journey and track down the timeless wisdom ingrained in the Urdu language.

The first word is "khud-ehtisaabii" خود احتسابی, which translates to self-accountability. This term embodies the essence of responsibility, reflecting a powerful self that engages in continuous self-assessment and self-imposed discipline. Embracing "khuud-ehtisaabii" can greatly impact our personalities, as the word commands the unimaginable power to shape our psyche in myriad ways.

The next power-packed word is "khud-ikhtiyaarii" خود اختیاری, meaning self-control or self-possession. This potent term perfectly captures the essence of a strong, controlled attitude. This term is used to demonstrate a calm attitude and unflappable behavior.

Following this is "khud-iraadiyat" خود ارادیت, which translates to self-determination. This significant concept pertains to the ability to shape one's destiny through wise choices and decisions. It emphasizes identifying personal interests and regulating behavior, contributing positively to various aspects of life.

Another essential word is "khud-e’temaadii’’ خود اعتمادی meaning self-assurance. This quality is invaluable for navigating daily challenges, fostering positive mental health, and developing resilience. It empowers individuals to handle adversity with grace and confidence.

Next in this series is "khud-intizaamii" خود انتظامی, referring to self-governance or self-management. This term encapsulates the sought-after ability to maintain order and discipline in life, a crucial skill in today's fast-paced and often chaotic world.

The sixth powerful word in our series is "khud-inhisaarii" خود انحصاری, which means self-dependence. It embodies proactiveness and taking responsibility for one’s life. As we know, words hold significant power and can profoundly influence our mindset. Incorporating such an energetic term into your vocabulary will instill a strong sense of self-reliance.

The seventh term delves deep into the spiritual realm: "khud-aagaahii" خود آگاہی or "khud-shanaasii" خود شناسی, signifying self-awareness and self-recognition. This word helps you understand your aptitudes and tendencies, revealing the powerful “self” within you. Embrace this elegant term to reflect the wonders of your inner strength.

Next is "khud-daarii" خود داری, one of the most commonly spoken words in the Indian subcontinent. It means self-respect, highlighting the characteristics of a strong personality. "Khud-daarii" boosts confidence, promotes healthy relationships, and leads to better decision-making.

This term carries a financial implication: "khud-muktafii" خود مکتفی, referring to self-sufficiency or self-financing. This term is more attractive and inspiring for those striving for economic independence, enabling successful monetary decisions and a prosperous lifestyle. We can use this term in many situations like khud-muktafii shakhs (self-sufficient person), etc.

Lastly, we have "khud-mukhtaarii" خود مختاری which remains one of the inspiring and galvanizing human desires throughout history. It signifies freedom, independence, and autonomy, capturing the essence of a liberated life. Although this term has a personal significance in our lives, it also has a political connotation, and it has been widely used in politics and international relations such as riyaasato’n ki khud-mukhtaarii (autonomy of the states), etc.

Absorbing these intense and energetic Urdu terms into your daily lexicon will considerably refine your language. They will also profoundly impact your mindset and personal development. Embrace these terms to empower your journey towards self-improvement. Foster a deeper understanding of your strengths and potential.


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