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pag.Dii rakh ghii khaa

ghii bhii khaa aur pag.Dii bhii rakh

pag.Dii rakh ghii chakh

pag.Dii rakh aur ghii chakh

forget honour and enjoy, have a share in the pie

pag.Dii bhiitar rakh

dekh bigaanii mat tarsaave jii, ruukhii suukhii khaa ke ThanDaa paanii pii


a mark or token of distinction and dignity

pag.Dii ba.ndhvaanaa

ghii chho.Dnaa

kis kii haalat dekh kar mat lalchaave jii, ajii ruukhii suukhii khaa kar ThanDaa paanii pii

pag.Dii ba.ndhnaa

be presented with a turban as a token of honour

pag.Dii baa.ndhnaa

enthrone, to crown,install as a substitute or successor, put on a turban

ghii chupa.Dnaa

coat with ghee

ghii ka.Dka.Daanaa


chuu.Dii-daar pag.Dii

pag.Dii badalnaa

exchange turbans as a sign of brotherly relations

pag.Dii sa.nbhaalnaa

save one's honour

gosht khaa.e gosht ba.Dhe , ghii khaa.e bal ho.e , saag khaa.e ojh ba.Dhe to bal kahaa.n se ho.e

chhajje-daar pag.Dii

bal-daar pag.Dii

pag.Dii uchhaalnaa

disgrace, defame

pag.Dii uchhalnaa

to suffer the humiliation, to feel embarrassment, to be humiliated and ashamed

ghii khich.Dii laanaa

ghii khich.Dii karnaa


ghee, clarified butter, a cooking and frying medium in South Asia, soft, delicate

ghii khich.Dii honaa

to mix, be affable


rakh chho.Dnaa

withhold, keep back, lay by


ruukhaa-suukhaa khaa kar guzaara karnaa

mu.nh me.n ghii shakkar



pure ghee


pag.Dii rakhnaa

pag.Dii sajnaa

pag.Dii phernaa

pag.Dii aTkaanaa

claim equality

pag.Dii utarnaa

pag.Dii ulajhnaa

compete, fight

muusalii pag.Dii

pag.Dii bachaanaa

pag.Dii utaarnaa

deceive, plunder

pag.Dii aTaknaa


pag.Dii utaarnaa

be disgraced

pag.Dii chapaTnaa

cheat, swindle

pag.Dii uljhaanaa

mu.nh me.n ghii shakar

ghii daaG karnaa

to heat ghee and put it in curry

ghii kahaa.n gayaa khich.Dii me.n

money spent on self or family is well spent

faziilat kii pag.Dii

pag.Dii uchhaal denaa

mulaazim rakh chho.Dnaa


ghii ke gha.De Dhalaknaa

ghii khich.Dii me.n daa'vaa hai

pag.Dii paTkaa denaa

laal pag.Dii vaalaa

agar paanii se ghii nikle to ko.ii ruukhii na khaa.e

If wishes were horses beggars would ride.

Meaning ofSee meaning pag.Dii rakh ghii khaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

pag.Dii rakh ghii khaa

पगड़ी रख घी खाپَگْڑی رَکھ گِھی کھا

पगड़ी रख घी खा के हिंदी अर्थ


  • साख क़ायम होने से सारी इज़्ज़त है , ईमानदारी से बड़ी राहत होती है
  • चटोरे और आज़ाद मनिशों का क़ौल है कि पगड़ी गिरवी रख और घी खा

پَگْڑی رَکھ گِھی کھا کے اردو معانی


  • چٹورے اور آزاد منشوں کا قول ہے کہ پگڑی گروی رکھ اور گھی کھا.
  • ساکھ قائم ہونے سے ساری عزت ہے ؛ ایمانداری سے بڑی راحت ہوتی ہے.

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pag.Dii rakh ghii khaa

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