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nasiibo.n ko du'aa do

nasiibo.n ko ronaa

curse one's fate

mu.nh ko lagaam do

shut up, keep your mouth shut, hold your tongue

nasiibo.n kaa balii

mere nasiibo.n kaa

nasiibo.n kii KHuubii


nasiibo.n kii shaamat

nasiibo.n kaa likhaa


fortune, destiny


prayer, supplication (to God), invocation of good

du'aa lenaa

stand to receive someone's wishes or prayers

do vaqt kii roTii

do din kii baat

do ko.Dii kaa

worth two cowries, worthless

do harf kaa purza

nasiibo.n kaa pher

nasiibo.n kaa maaraa

gaa.Dii ke do pahiye honaa

be inevitable for one another

du'aa dam karnaa

do gooder

do do haath karnaa


nasiibo.n kii girah khulnaa

daa.ii ko so.npnaa

put out to nurse

nasiibo.n kii khoT

nasiibo.n kaa jagaanaa


manner of prayer

nasiibo.n se



few, different, every two

jaan ko du'aa.e.n denaa



du'aa denaa

bless or pray for

aabruu do kau.Dii kii ho jaanaa

chup.Dii aur do do

double advantageous, as per one's wishes, double the better

du'aa maa.ngnaa

pray, bless

do aur do chaar

two and two make four, allusion to something logical, true and straight

number do kaa

spurious, of low or questionable quality

nasiibo.n me.n honaa


allegation of prayer

do baate.n

a few words, little chat

nasiibo.n kaa honaa

do din kaa mehmaan

transient, about to die


two, few, some, separate, paired, give


awaiting prayer

jaane do

never mind, let go of it, let it be, overlook it, forgive (him/her)

do qalam karnaa

do chaar din kaa mehmaan

about to die, not durable

do aatishaa sharaab

double distilled liquor, very strong wine

maut kii du'aa maa.ngnaa

do Tuk.De karnaa

nasiibo.n par patthar pa.Dnaa


time for prayer


unfortunate woman


unfortunate, unlucky, an ill-omen

nasiibo.n se milnaa

du'aa lagnaa

invocation to be fulfilled, effectiveness of prayer, the fulfillment of good wishes


divine guidance for prayer

do paise kii chiiz

something very cheap and of low standard, trivial, valueless and unimportant thing

do din kii bahaar

do Tuk.De honaa

Dhaak ke do paat

Meaning of nasiibo.n ko du'aa do in English,

Hindi & Urdu

nasiibo.n ko du'aa do

नसीबों को दु'आ दोنَصِیبوں کو دُعا دو

Critique (nasiibo.n ko du'aa do)





नसीबों को दु'आ दो के हिंदी अर्थ

  • ۔क़िस्मत के शुक्र गुज़ार हो। तक़दीर का एहसान मानव।
  • तक़दीर का एहसान मानव, क़िस्मत का शुक्र करो, तक़दीर के गुण मानव

نَصِیبوں کو دُعا دو کے اردو معانی

  • ۔قسمت کے شکر گزار ہو۔ تقدیر کا احسان مانو۔؎
  • تقدیر کا احسان مانو ، قسمت کا شکر کرو، تقدیر کے گن مانو ۔

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