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naf'a me.n do juutiyaa.n

foolish bargain

juutiyaa.n baGal me.n maarnaa

do din me.n


shoes, slippers, sandals

daaman me.n do jahaa.n honaa

do hii din me.n

in a very brief period of time, soon

nefe me.n honaa

nefe me.n u.Dasnaa

tuck up money etc in the loop of trousers

juutiyaa.n khaanaa

to be beaten with shoes, be taunted, be humiliated, to be ashamed

juutiyaa.n uThaanaa

flatter, be servile, do menial service

laakh do laakh me.n ek

unique, rare

juutiyaa.n gaa.nThnaa

do mean job, be of no consequence

do gooder

do do haath karnaa


juutiyaa.n chaTKHaanaa

to loaf about, to loiter, to walk aimlessly

juutiyaa.n lagaanaa


few, different, every two

juutiyaa.n maarnaa

kicking by shoes, slapping with shoes, to humiliate, make (someone) feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect, especially publicly



chup.Dii aur do do

double advantageous, as per one's wishes, double the better

nafii me.n javaab denaa

do aur do chaar

two and two make four, allusion to something logical, true and straight

juutiyaa.n siidhii karnaa

pay respect or homage, revere, (esp. of a great man, mentor or maestro from whom one learns a lot as a result), serve devotedly

do baate.n

a few words, little chat

juutiyo.n me.n daal baTnaa

have a severe discord


two, few, some, separate, paired, give

jaane do

never mind, let go of it, let it be, overlook it, forgive (him/her)

do qalam karnaa

juutiyaa.n chaTKHaate phirnaa

loaf around, roam or wander aimlessly, be jobless, knock about aimlessly or unsuccessfully

do aatishaa sharaab

double distilled liquor, very strong wine

do Tuk.De karnaa

nasiibo.n ko du'aa do

do Tuk.De honaa

do vaqt kii roTii

do vaqt milnaa

do mu.nhaa

do din kii baat

well to do

do karnaa

cut into two, bisect

do ko.Dii kaa

worth two cowries, worthless

do Tok karnaa

cut out in two, separate, decide, finalize

do harf kaa purza

kuchh de dilaa do

make do


do aa.nsuu giraanaa

gaa.Dii ke do pahiye honaa

be inevitable for one another

juutiyo.n samet aa.nkho.n me.n biiThnaa


the number seventy-two, 72 do sar daarad

predicting victory is difficult in war, either you win or lose in a war

do Tuuk javaab denaa

renounce a relation

do paise kamaanaa

earn a little

do tiin karnaa

do haath aage honaa

be superior (in some quality or vice)

lenaa ek na denaa do

having nothing to do (with)

do baazuu baraabar

having two (opposite) sides equal

do jaan se honaa

aa.nkho.n me.n juutiyo.n samet ghusnaa

do harf bhejnaa

curse, imprecate


both, each other, each of the two

do gha.Dii din rahnaa

Meaning of naf'a me.n do juutiyaa.n in English,

Hindi & Urdu

naf'a me.n do juutiyaa.n

नफ़'अ में दो जूतियाँنَفع میں دو جُوتِیاں

Critique (naf'a me.n do juutiyaa.n)





English meaning of naf'a me.n do juutiyaa.n

  • foolish bargain

नफ़'अ में दो जूतियाँ के हिंदी अर्थ

  • उस समय बोलते हैं जब थोड़ी सी चीज़ की लालच में बहुत सी क़ीमती चीज़ें हाथ से चली जाएँ

نَفع میں دو جُوتِیاں کے اردو معانی

  • اس موقع پر کہتے ہیں جب تھوڑی سی چیز کی لالچ میں بہت سی قیمتی چیزیں ہاتھ سے چلی جائیں

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