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du'aa dam karnaa

to recite incantation on someone for healing purposes

dam karnaa

cook something by simmering, cook in steam

dam qafas karnaa

naako.n dam karnaa

dam band karnaa

hold one's breath

buuq dam karnaa

dam qalaq karnaa

pa.Dh kar dam karnaa

dam ziiq me.n karnaa

dam KHushk karnaa

dam KHafaa karnaa

afsuun dam karnaa

dam fanaa karnaa

nathno.n me.n dam karnaa

naako.n me.n dam karnaa

top dam karnaa

shoot someone with cannon, to demolish, to destroy

yaasiin dam karnaa

dam raast karnaa

paanii dam karnaa

dam naak me.n karnaa

deg dam buKHt karnaa

daam-daam adaa karnaa

dam-puKHt karnaa


to worry, harass

daam daf'a karnaa

daam karnaa

daam adaa karnaa

dam kaa.Dnaa

daam khare karnaa

sell (something) and receive the money

dam karaanaa

du'aa karnaa

daam KHaraab karnaa

dam hazaar dam

dam dam kii

Dam-Dam golii

daam charge karnaa

dam me.n dam rahnaa

live, exist

dam me.n hazaar dam


tears (whether sad or happy)

dam me.n dam aanaa

return to one's senses, energy to restore, revive


sound of a drum

dam hii dam me.n

dam chho.Dnaa

breathe one's last, die, expire

dam chhi.Daknaa

dam dam me.n

dam bha.Dkaanaa

dam pa.Dnaa

dam paka.Dnaa

dam cha.Dhaanaa

dam bha.Daknaa

dam a.Dnaa

dam cha.Dhnaa

pant, respire

dam ba.Dhaanaa

practise holding the breath, make (oneself) long-winded

dam ukha.Dnaa

dam cha.Dnaa

dam to.Dnaa

breathe one's last, take last breath, die

dam ke dam


dam me.n dam baaqii honaa


Meaning of du'aa dam karnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

du'aa dam karnaa

दु'आ दम करनाدُعا دَم کَرْنا

Critique (du'aa dam karnaa)





See meaning: du'aa

English meaning of du'aa dam karnaa

  • to recite incantation on someone for healing purposes

دُعا دَم کَرْنا کے اردو معانی

  • دفعِ بلا کے لیے آیتِ قرآنی، وظفیہ یا وِرد پڑھ کر کسی پر پُھون٘کْنا

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